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Where to eat the best smashburger before fashion goes out of style

In Spain it is a fashion, but this technique has been the most traditional way of preparing them in the United States for decades. Smash means to crush, and the purpose is that the hamburger is left with caramelized edges, crispy on the outside without losing its juiciness inside.

As trends soon cease to be trends by definition, ahead of time we bring you a compilation of some Spanish establishments that use this technique and that turn their hamburgers into a delicious delicacy that you have to try (and you will repeat).

The varieties are endless, their sauces are extremely tasty and all the ingredients that complement them are surprising. Here we bring you some restaurants in various Spanish provinces, but if you know others, leave them in the comments. and take advantage the Zaragoza Burger Fest until June 12 to compare smashburgers with other styles!


Burgers and Beers Press It is the perfect restaurant for cheese lovers, since all their hamburgers have a special mixture of handmade cheese. In the menu of the day or a la carte, among others, you have them with Cabrales cheese, spicy or the best seller of truffle

junk burger It has no competition, because of the four hamburgers on its menu, the Junk won the award for the best in Spain in 2022, as we tell you in this report.

The texture, the appearance and the flavor that floods Fantastic V in Malasaña will make you think that they are common recipes, but no, all their dishes are vegan, even their smashburger of meat plant-based.


Hideout Burger is one of the restaurants smashburgers most famous in the city for its eleven types of hamburger in which the condiments are also the protagonists: if you like cheese, the say cheese; And if you want the American classic, Oklahoma fried onion is yours.

Four residents of Les Corts and two chefs who returned from the United States in love with this type of hamburger: this is how it was created Smash House Burgera project that combines the essence of fast food and the quality of natural products in delicacies such as Smash bacon.

machaka burger He makes “no-nonsense burgers”, the usual ones: simple and with a lot of flavor. There are seven different types, but if you are very hungry, the one that embodies its name is ideal: brioche bread, triple meat smash, cheddar cheese, chopped bacon, homemade pickles and Machaka mayonnaise.


Caio and Igor are two young entrepreneurs who created in La Almozara madison smashburgers and now they have opened hang out in the middle. They have five kinds of burgersbut its origin can be seen in Brasilian 2.0., a smashburger with American cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onion and its Brazilian green mayonnaise that gives it an exotic touch.

In Mai TaiRoger Guevara always makes porn burgers and this year even more so with California Single, a smash double 3 ounce California style, with homemade pickles, crispy bacon and special sauce, topped with a raclette cheese cast instantly.

Valencian Community

In Tasty American BurgerValencia, has five burgers typical, but what makes it unique are its smash specials: The Marmalade, with a sweet touch; Loki, with a spicy tone; Valkyrie, of units limited by their peculiarity; Y The Valhalla, the most consumed, with triple everything: cheddar, bacon, onion and sauce yummy special.

In big twins burger It is worth trying something like Fer’s Fan Burger or La burger del mes -if only to corroborate its good reputation in Alicante, but also in Murcia-.

Paula and Quique started in 2014 on the wheels of a food truck until, in 2020, they opened their first restaurant in Benidorm: localolita street food. In addition to the usual hamburgers, they have now added two smash: Localolita, candidate for Best Burger Spain and The Boss Cheeseburger, the most recent.

In Galicia

The third best hamburger in Spain is eaten in Cangas, Pontevedra, in Lokal Burger & Beer. The Vero with double pork, Arzúa cheese and Lalín bacon and lacón jam is a guaranteed hit.

checker grill, in A Coruña, is ideal for those who want a plan at home or a picnic, since it only sells at home. To have it all, the American Smash Burger Combos with fries and drink are cheap and tasty and, although each burger has different ingredients, they all hide under the sweet taste of brioche bread.

In the heart of Vigo is Pitsa craft brewery that was the first restaurant to offer smashburgers in Galicia, although what makes them unique is that they are made with Roxad’Ouro de Gutrei matured beef.

The best in other communities

The Rioja

In Bar Food Bar highlights the best smash region of. Is named Smash Oklahoma Burger and its mix of flavors makes it unusual: brioche bread, two Riojan beef with onions, sliced ​​cheddar cheese, pulled beef smoked, bacon jam and American Burger mayonnaise.


Vacania Burger with the Al Capone hamburger it becomes one of the best smash made in Murcia with his Brioche Bread potato rollcamembert cream, two discs of crispy but tender national beef, cheese raclettecaramelized onion, grilled bacon and homemade Asian mayonnaise sauce.


Fresh beef, a ball with the meat thrown on the grill at 400ºC and well crushed so that it caramelizes on the outside while keeping its juiciness on the inside, artisanal bread, homemade chips, toppings vegetables and sauces: that is the secret of the smash of Butcher’s.


In Burger Food Porn, the Donald hamburger stands out for the piece of foie that presides over it; the Teasing by biscuit cream; and the Payoya for the cream of payoyo cheese with sauce foodporn. To those add five more types and, guess what: they are all delicious smash!

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