Monday, March 4

Where to look on Wall Street? You have to be in the biggest companies

At a time of doubts in the markets and punishment for technology companies, where to look on Wall Street? “You have to be in the largest and safest companies, we cannot have anything that causes us doubts,” says analyst Javier Romero.

Safe bets right now could be Johnson&Johnson, Microsoft, Meta (Facebook) and NVIDIA.

On the contrary, the analyst believes that this is not the time to be in growth companies, but two possible options could be SoFi Technologies or Robinhood. Regarding the latter, he points out that it has fallen a lot and it is rumored that it is going to take out an option for cryptocurrencies; as soon as it does and starts to come back, it can be a good alternative.

As we see in your graph, the value is describing a structure of decreasing maxima and the moment I get a reversal formation, we will see the starting gun. The analyst recommends waiting for inflation to moderate, possibly in the second quarter, and see if the firm starts to pick up. “In Q2 I would bet on growth companies, but now I wouldn’t recommend them.”