Saturday, September 30

Where to see the winning films of the Oscars 2022

The aggression of Will Smith to Chris Rock has caused that in the hangover of the night of the Oscars, there is no talk of cinema. It has overshadowed the winner and the crop of films that received an Academy Award from Hollywood. Many of these titles can still be seen in theaters or on platforms, so here is a review of where you can see the winners of the most controversial and strange Oscars in the history of cinema.

The historic night of Spanish cinema remains halfway and only Alberto Mielgo takes the Oscar

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The big winner of the night. Sian Heder’s film about a deaf family in which only the youngest daughter can hear caused a surprise and won the three Oscars it was up for: film, adapted screenplay and supporting actor. Although in the US the film has come directly to Apple TV +, in Spain it can be seen in theaters, since here it was Tripictures who acquired its theatrical exhibition rights. It can still be seen in theaters and the number of screens showing it will surely increase this Friday. Later it will arrive on Movistar + and Apple TV, but still without a date. The film is a remake from the belier family, movie available on Filmin, HBO Max, Amazon and Movistar+.

‘The power of the dog’

Jane Campion’s film entered the final stretch of the Oscar race as the overwhelming favorite thanks to rave reviews and 12 nominations. Finally, only one materialized, that of Best Direction for Jane Campion, which she became the third woman to achieve after Kathryn Bigelow and Chloé Zhao. This sleazy western about toxic masculinity that adapts Thomas Savage’s novel can be seen exclusively on Netflix, as it is an original project on the platform.

‘The Williams Method’

Will Smith became the star of Oscar night, but for reasons no one expected. The actor won his first Academy Award thanks to this biopic sugarcoated about the father of Venus and Serena Williams. However, it was his on-air assault on comedian Chris Rock that landed him in the annals of the Oscars. His movie can be seen on HBO Max.

‘Tammy Faye’s eyes’

Jessica Chastain won the Oscar for Best Leading Actress and left Penélope Cruz without a prize. The interpreter has left her skin in the promotional campaign of the film and has fought for an award that she resisted. Her role as an actual televangelist who became a mass phenomenon and her subsequent downfall when it was shown that her followers were being scammed is one of those that screams “Oscar” in every frame. It can be seen on Disney+.

‘West Side Story’

Steven Spielberg has made everyone fall in love with his new take on the classic Broadway musical. His adaptation has not had the same success as that made by Robert Wise, which swept 10 Oscars (including Best Picture). Spielberg’s musical only managed to win one award, that of Best Supporting Actress for Ariana DeBose, who became the first actress openly queer to take the award. The film is on Disney+.


The big winner of the night, at least in number of prizes. The adaptation of the novel by Frank Herbert won six Oscars, although all were technical. A good loot for one of the most spectacular films of the year that already has the green light to shoot its long-awaited second part, since Dennis Villeneuve’s film only adapts the first half of the book. It’s on HBO Max.

‘drive my car’

The film that critics have fallen in love with since it passed through the last Cannes Film Festival, where it won the award for Best Screenplay. Riüsuke Hamaguchi’s adaptation of Murakami’s story has become a phenomenon that managed to sneak into the important categories of the Oscars. It was nominated for Best Picture, Directing and Adapted Screenplay, but only managed to win International Film. After a successful run through theaters, it arrives at Filmin on April 8.


The Disney movie is one of the phenomena of the year. Its passage through theaters was a success, and its soundtrack has become a hit thanks to its song We don’t talk about Bruno, which was even performed live at the ceremony. It had three nominations, but could only win Best Animated Film. It is, of course, on Disney +.

‘Summer of soul’

This documentary explores the legendary Harlem Cultural Festival held in the US in 1969. It paid tribute to African-American culture and music, as well as promoting the black pride and denounce the prevailing racism in the society of the moment. A film that has become a small phenomenon thanks to word of mouth and that is already on Disney +.

‘The Windshield Wiper’

With a career as an international animator with a very personal stamp, Alberto Mielgo reached the Oscar nomination being very little known in his country of birth, but much admired within the sector for his work in the spectacular film Spider-Man: A new universe and the series Love, Death & Robots. It has won the statuette for Best Animated Short Film for a non-Spanish production from its own studio. Since the director wanted the largest possible audience to see it, he has posted on YouTube.