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Where to watch the most wanted series and movies of 2021 | Digital Trends Spanish

The year in Google searches (United States) had everything from the NBA to Bill and Melinda Gates to Among us and how to pronounce “dogecoin”. In most searched movies and series, titles such as Black widow, Eternals, The Squid Game Y Bridgerton.

And if now you wonder where to see the 10 tapes and the 10 series that were typed the most in Google, we will tell you. For now, here are the first five in each of the two categories mentioned. The following week, the rest of the list.

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The most wanted series of 2021

1. The squid game

The great media phenomenon that moved beyond television was The Squid Game, the series that describes a deadly competition in which there can only be one winner, who can “enjoy” a prize of 45.6 billion won. The question is whether this person will be willing to forget everything they have experienced in the game.


2. Bridgerton

The young people of the Bridgerton family seek love and happiness in London’s high society, with all that that implies. The spotlight is on Daphne, the eldest daughter who makes her debut in the competitive marriage “market” at Regency London.


3. WandaVision

The series combines the classic sitcom with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wanda Maximoff and Vision, a superhero couple with seemingly ideal lives, begin to suspect that not everything is what it seems.

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4. Ginny and Georgia

Is all change for the better? Georgia and her children, Ginny and Austin, move with the intention of starting over, however, no one told them that the road is full of complications, especially when the past “haunts” the mother.


5. Cobra Kai

The rivalry between Johnny and Daniel is revived, now as teachers, of course, each with their own unique style. After the tournament that changed their lives years ago, it is time to prosecute a group of teenagers, which also includes the children of mature men. The fourth season of this production premieres on January 31, 2021.


The Most Wanted Movies of 2021

1. Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff faces a dangerous conspiracy, as she also faces her worst battle yet, the past she left behind before becoming an avenger. Is it time to go back to the roots despite the fact that evil is in each step?

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2. Eternals

It follows the story of a group of heroes from distant stars who protected the Earth from the beginning of humanity. Now that the creatures called Deviants return, they find it necessary to meet again to defend human beings again.

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3. Halloween Kills

Everything seemed to indicate that the Strode women had freed themselves from the monster Michael Myers, especially Laurie, however, he resumes his killing ritual. They will not surrender, so, together with a group of survivors of Myers’ first attack, they face him … The battle will not be easy at all.


4. Mortal Kombat

Cole Young, a not so successful mixed martial arts fighter, must train for his toughest fight and reach his true power. Cole will be together with the great champions of Earth to face the enemies of Outworld, however, will he have enough time to unlock his arcana, the immense power of his soul?

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5. Dune

Adapted from Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel, the story follows Paul Atreides, a young man who must travel to the most dangerous planet to secure the future of his people. Yes, there are malevolent forces, however, only those who can overcome their own fear will survive.

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