Thursday, December 9

Where will brands learn about the world of NFTs?

It is practically a fact that the next era will be marked by digital currencies and the Internet of Value. And, as many will know, non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs, are part of this revolution. Thus, the largest brands in the world are seeking to learn at all costs about this new technology so as not to miss the boom, we will tell you where they are doing it.

A technology that cannot be ignored

First of all, let’s remember that an NFT is a unique and non-interchangeable unit that is stored in the Blockchain, generally in Ethereum. But what is it about them that makes them so special?

The NFT revolution began in the art world since, unlike the traditional world, this technology allows works to be tokenized and thus create a digital certificate of ownership. Consequently, NFTs eliminate an old problem: Counterfeiting.

However, the impact of NFTs extends over a wide variety of elements. For example, this technology is also democratizing the art world since practically anyone can create an NFT and sell it.

Thus, the adoption of technology has been, to say the least, exceptional. So much so that it has become impossible for the big brands in the traditional world to ignore the potential of NFTs.

But, even so, it is a nascent technology that can represent a challenge to implement for large brands that have been established in the traditional world. Consequently, NFT learning spaces have become a necessity and highly demanded.

NFT learning spaces

Yesterday Forbes public an article on the 5 learning spaces on NFTs that are coming up. So you should not miss the opportunity to check out these upcoming events. Don’t be left behind!

NFT NYC. November 14th

Yes, between November 1 and 4 of this year, the conference largest NFT in the world so far.

Among the speakers are great personalities with an important track record in this market. Therefore, participants will hear from artists, illustrators and founders of NFT platforms.

According to its official page, some speakers will be Alex Atallah from OpenSea, one of the most important NFT platforms, Alexei Falin from Rarible, Alexis Ohanian from Reddit, among many more.

Therefore, the conference will be separated into different events over the four days, each one focusing on a particular topic associated with the world of NFTs.

To classes! Republic Realm Academy teaches you

According to Forbes, this institution has gained popularity in promoting continuing education on the metaverse, Web 3.01, and NFTs.

According to the official website of the institution, they offer a series of online courses associated with the previously mentioned topics. They also ensure that they have multidisciplinary educators with impressive career paths.

Therefore, with them you can learn from how to configure a wallet and buy an NFT to how to participate in this economy and find business opportunities.

The inscriptions are found open and classes will begin on February 1 of next year.

El Miami Crypto Experience

As we have previously reported on CryptoTrend, Miami has become a friendly place with the crypto world and, consequently, with NFTs.

Thus, between November 10 and 12 of this year the Miami Crypto Experience. The experience will consist of a series of workshops that will take place on these dates and invite everyone, from those who barely enter the crypto world to the most experienced.

According to its official website, some of the speakers will be Tim Draper, Eric Schwertzel, Jessica Zartler, among other personalities.


This event will also take place in Miami, but it will be on November 30 of this year. According to their official website, will consist of an event during Miami Art Week where personalities that promote the world of NFTs will seek to provide education, inspiration and a network of contact.

Dcentral Miami

And, again, if you didn’t think Miami is becoming a crypto-friendly place, from November 30 to December 1 of this year it will take place. Dcentral Miami.

It will consist of a convention that will seek to address issues on the future of decentralized finance and NFTs. Therefore, they hope to be the point where the world converges to celebrate art, fashion and creativity with the future of finance.