Thursday, December 7

Which were the Cedears that increased the most in 2021

In second place we find Nvidia that grew more than 217%. It is a chip manufacturer from the United States. The technology company in the third quarter presented a balance that widely exceeded market estimates. Integrated circuits are used for the development of artificial intelligence and are on the rise, like semiconductors, one of the sectors that have benefited the most in the last two years of the pandemic.

In third place we find Vista Oil & Gas that rose 185%. It is the oil company that is dedicated to “shale oil” and is chaired by the former YPF, Miguel Galuccio. In the third quarter, its total sales were US $ 175 million, 5.8% above what was reported in the previous quarter and 150% higher year-on-year. It benefited from the increase in daily oil and gas production and the increase in the sale price.

With a 137% year-on-year increase, Google ranks fourth. The company reported that the area of ​​advertising revenue increased 43% year-on-year in the third quarter of the year and that earnings per share were $ 27.99, above the $ 23.75 that analysts estimated. Alphabet’s smart city development affiliate Sidewalk Labs announced that its products will be offered by Google in 2022.

Finally we find Wells Fargo which rose more than 129%. Wells Fargo was ranked 30th in Fortune’s 2020 ranking of America’s largest corporations. It has $ 1.9 billion in assets. Its financial services operate in consumer banking and loans, commercial banking, corporate banking and wealth management.