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Which were the exports that grew the most in November

Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero pointed out that “the outstanding growth of exports is a clear and concrete example of the economic recovery in the different activities that Argentina is experiencing. For the country to grow it is necessary for exports to increase. We have enormous potential for continue on this path “.

The fastest growing products

The report shows that there were three products that showed strong year-on-year growth. On the one hand, the grain corn excluded for sowing managed to register an increase of 125.1%, followed by the automobiles for freight transport that reached a rise of 122.9%.

However, the fastest growing was wheat Y morcajo: from November 2020 to the same month of this year they grew 283.6%.

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Items with the highest increase

The Manufactures of Agricultural Origin (MOA) they ranked first as the item with the highest share of exports. According to the report, they registered US $ 2.458 million exported, which represented 39.9% of total foreign trade. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the increase was mainly driven by the sale of soybean oil (US $ 156 million and 36.5% yoy) and fresh meat (US $ 40.8 million and + 78.3% yoy).

Regarding the Manufactures of Industrial Origin (MOI), they were positioned as the second item in proportion to what was exported when trading for a total of US $ 1,656 million. At the same time, they reflected the largest increase in the quantities exported: 42.4%. The increase was driven by the sale of motor vehicles for freight transport (US $ 245 million, + 122.9% yoy) and that of motor vehicles (US $ 101 million, + 605.6% yoy).

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The Primary Products (PP), led by corn in grain, ranked third with a total of US $ 1,561 million. Likewise, they presented the largest increase in the exported value (+ 75.2%) due to growth in both quantities (+ 35.2%) and prices (+ 29%).

The increase in exports also allowed the second highest foreign exchange settlement value for cereals and oilseeds to be recorded for this month throughout the 21st century. In total, they were settled for US $ 2,042 million (+ 17.8% yoy).

If the eleven months of the year are taken into account, the accumulated amount rises to $ 30,129 million (+ 62.1% yoy), a record figure since the beginning of this century.

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On the other hand, the segment Fuels and Energy (CyE) It registered exports of US $ 488.9 million, driven by a 115.3% rise in prices, being by far the one that showed the greatest increase in this regard. There, sales of fuel supply stood out (US $ 30.9 million and + 99.3% yoy).

According to the Market Expectations Survey (REM), annual exports for 2021 would amount to US $ 75.3 billion. In this way, they would close US $ 21.4 billion above what was registered in 2020.

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