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White supremacists’ Starbucks puts machine guns in a Tesla | Digital Trends Spanish

The coffee shop that aspires to be the Starbucks of America’s white supremacists has a new ad campaign: a modified Tesla Model X with two multi-barrel machine guns, known in war jargon as miniguns.

American Ingenuity at its finest. We put MINIGUNS on a TESLA! Better be saving gas with how many rounds per minute those things are spittin ‘out. #brcc #americascoffee #tesla pic.twitter.com/xwY77PKfoC

& mdash; Black Rifle Coffee (@blckriflecoffee) November 24, 2021

In its presentation, the Black Rifle Coffee Company describes its modified Tesla as a display of “the best of American ingenuity.” If that description sounds too warmongering to you, take a look at your cover photo on Twitter: a mug with coffee, an American flag, a pistol and the legend “is who we are.”

There is a bit of context for those who read us outside the United States: Black Rifle Coffee Company is a coffee company with a presence in several states of the American Union. But it is not just any cafeteria. Its owners are white, veterans of the United States Army and supporters of former President Trump.

Recently, Black Rifle Coffee Company was involved in controversy, both from its detractors and from its consumers. The reason? The company used Kyle Rittenhouse to promote his products, although after the controversy over his trial and eventual acquittal opted forr detach from him. More context: Kyle Rittenhouse was the shooter who killed two protesters with a rifle during the 2020 anti-racist protests in Kenosha.

It is likely that the weapons modification of the Tesla Model X was ordered long before the controversy associated with Kyle Rittenhouse. However, what is a fact is that the transformation captures media attention at a time when Black Rifle Coffee Company needs another type of publicity.

Could it be another type of modification? Probably yes. After all, we’ve seen dozens of Tesla car modifications with all kinds of trimmings, but we could hardly expect anything else from Black Rifle Coffee Company. After all, they are who they are.

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