Friday, September 17

Whites offended by “blacker than suit” incident

I woke up Sunday morning to several messages from a friend:

– Quan, I’m sure you’ve seen the “blacker than the suit” thing, do I have a problem if the comment doesn’t seem very racist to me? It seems very unfortunate to me. In case I’m racist, would you mind explaining why? I’d like to learn.

I had not even had coffee, on Sundays I usually give myself the license to be in bed watching videos and stories of Instagram before starting (millennial stuff), but I woke up suddenly.

This person is not a Vox voter, nor is he a sympathizer of expelling migrants at the top of the Ceuta fence, this person is someone from my generation, we shared spaces and dialogues while we were studying, and although the comment had seemed ugly, he did not know the why, he had not had tools to categorize that racist aggression. If he hadn’t seen it, what would people see? Well, people about the sanction of the journalist on Twitter made comments such as:

– Blacker than the suit, no, but whiter than the wall yes

– Telling someone black that they are black is not racist

– When we get involved with Iniesta nothing happens …

– More racist is the sanction!

– 20 years ago there was more freedom, where are we going to get …

All these comments, and me without the morning coffee yet.

Honey, we are mixing churras with merino, as much as we think it is the same to laugh at Iniesta’s whiteness, no, it is not the same, and it is not comparable.

Why? Language is a system designed to communicate with each other, if I am on a desert island, what good is it for me to learn Norwegian if I don’t have anyone who speaks Norwegian with whom to communicate? In this system, it is not possible to separate the sender, the receiver, the message itself, or the context in which it is issued. There is a direction and an intention. For example, in the direction of humor, it must be from the bottom up, if the rich laugh at the difficulties of the poor, well look, it is quite ugly, (or this other old example of a David Pareja joke about people with down syndrome, it is not done on equal terms either).

The fact that people say “I don’t see colors” does not make the racist system disappear, nor does it eliminate the oppression or systematic discrimination suffered by black people in Spain today.

The incident “blacker than the suit” has not been done from horizontality. Unfortunately, there is no equality of context between the two, as much as they are both footballers (and if I already have to explain this, I will shoot myself). And if you, a thin person, laugh at someone fat, it is fat phobia, and if you, a straight person, laugh at someone from the LGTBIQ + collective, it is homophobia. Unfortunate comments can be more objective, they can be unfortunate + homophobic, unfortunate + macho, etc.

The fact that we do not see racism does not make it disappear, it makes us blind.

That said, I’m going to get a coffee.

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