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Who is Amoraunth and why does he defy the Twitch rules? | Digital Trends Spanish

His artistic name is Amoraunth and was born in Houston, Texas on December 2, 1993 under her legal registration Kaitlyn Siragusa. Her career has developed as a gamer, cosplayer, streamer and has been an entrepreneur of children’s shows, fashion and her equity income would be in the barrier of $ 500 thousand dollars, with earnings on platforms such as Twitch of between $ 20,000 and $ 30,000 per month.

And its presence in this social network for the transmission of content has generated controversy for defying the rules of good practice, which has led to bans.

First there were shots in the jacuzzi, and now the fashion of the ASMR, licking the microphones, which is a common practice on platforms like YouTube, but this time the performance went further, with suggestive postures and leggings.

Twitch withdrew advertising monetization from Siragusa and also began looking for ways to regulate its usage policies. In fact, after the hot tub incident, he opened a new category called Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches.

Yesterday I was informed that Twitch has Indefinitely Suspended Advertising on my channel

Twitch didn & # 39; t reach out in any way whatsoever. I had to initiate the conversation after noticing, without any prior warning, all the ads revenue had disappeared from my Channel Analytics

& mdash; Amouranth (@Amouranth) May 18, 2021

Amoraunth’s claim this time about ASMR was immediate on Twitter:

It will always strike me as HUGE IRONIC that the generation that struggled with “violent video games does not cause an increase in gun / violent crime” (I agree) will instantly flip their jackets and succumb to a fad like “HOT TUB / ASMR GIRLS and torment other creative girls! ”she argued, adding that,“ zoomers and millennials are more like boomers than we think! ”

Like I always wondered how “think of the children” and other slap-a-bandaid solutions came about. Like why do people try and gloss over. systemic issues by blaming causes that have no basis in reality?

Zoomers & amp; millennials are more alike with boomers than we thought!

& mdash; Kaitlyn (@wildkait) June 20, 2021

Amoraunth’s revenge came on a platform that for now has no problems with risque content, Onlyfans, where in his first hours of opening an account, he has already quickly reached more than 500 followers.

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