Friday, December 3

Who is Andrew Forrest, the businessman who will invest US $ 8,400 million in our country


Alberto Fernández, Andrew Forrest, Agustín Pichot and Santiago Cafiero.

While Fortescue Metals Group has spent nearly two decades mining and exporting iron ore to China, Forrest has been looking to shift its focus to producing steel with green energy for some years now.. The company has been in our region since 2016, with investments in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, in addition to our country where it acquired the Argentina Minera company (AMINSA), in addition to having mining concessions in San Juan.

The businessman, who is about to turn 60, also has a huge cattle business, the largest on the western side of Australia and the only one that exported to China until 2014. Its arrival in the world of renewable energy occurred with the billion dollar investment announcement for the creation of a green hydrogen plant in Queensland, Australia.

In 2011, Forrest announced that he was leaving the position of CEO of the company to dedicate half of his time to philanthropy. Among other causes, he is an ambassador for the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation and created in 2001, together with his wife, the Australian Children’s Fund.

He also has a passion for sports through which he met Agustín Pichot and with whom you established an employment relationship. In dialogue with C5N, the former Puma said that “after having left one of his teams out of a tournament, we got closer to each other and started to think about things for ArgentinaUntil he told me: ‘Take charge of Latin America.’

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