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Who is Black Krrsantan, the Wookiee from The Book of Boba Fett? | Digital Trends Spanish

The second episode of the Disney Plus series The Book of Boba Fett introduced a character who has made the leap from comics to the small screen. We talk about Black Krrsantan, the black-haired Wookiee from the universe of starwars that surely several fans will recognize.

Unlike Chewbacca – the most well-known and beloved Wookiee in the series – Black Krrsantan is a bounty hunter who has a reputation for being ruthless, selfish and only thinks about what he will get at the end of each mission. In fact, within the franchise universe, Black Krrsantan’s way of hunting down an enemy is second only to Boba Fett’s.

In “The Tribes of Tatooine,” the second installment of the new series, Boba Fett seeks to seize Jabba the Hutt’s palace and possessions after his death. However, he is stopped by Jabba’s cousins, the Hutt twins, who claim dominion over the same territory. What follows is a showdown over coveted land. And to give Bobba Fett a fight, the Hutts bring in an old ally: Black Krrsantan.

Who is Black Krrsantan?

For those who have only seen the movies starwars, Black Krrsantan may seem like a new character, but the truth is that he has been part of the universe since February 2015, when he was introduced in the first issue of the comic series. Darth Vader from Marvel Comics. This takes place immediately after the destruction of the first Death Star in the film. Star Wars: A New Hope.

Due to his high presence in the comics, Black Krrsantan’s life is already known. The age of this Wookiee is not known, but it is known that he was forced to leave his home planet of Kashyyyk after dishonoring his people.

Then, instead of being captured, he was trained as a gladiator by the Xonti brothers and later, upon his release, he became a ferocious bounty hunter (which is why Boba Fett refers to this Wookiee as a “gladiator” when talking to the twins). Hutt in the series).

Black Krrsantan later began working with Jabba the Hutt, who at one point gave him the mission to take down Obi-Wan Kenobi. This was the one who gave Black Krrsantan the characteristic scar with which he appears in the comics. At that time, the Wookiee also came face to face with Owen Lars and Luke Skywalker.

Later, Darth Vader used Jabba the Hutt as a go-between to hire two bounty hunters on two missions he wanted to keep hidden from Emperor Palpatine: Black Krrsantan and Boba Fett themselves. While Fett searched for Luke Skywalker, the notorious Rebel Alliance pilot who destroyed the Death Star and was secretly Vader’s son, Krrsantan was hired to find and capture an agent of the Emperor.

After working for Vader through Jabba, Black Krrsantan joined the heist team of archaeologist Chelli Aphra, one of the franchise’s most popular characters from the comics. In fact, Doctor Aphra had her own comic series, which chronicled her adventures in space. fans of starwars they even speculate that she could appear in the series soon due to her connection to Black Krrsantan.

Finally, after Jabba’s death, the black-furred Wookiee is hired by the Hutt twins in the comics. And it is at this point where the series is located The Book of Boba Fett, taking on Jabba’s best bounty hunters.

While much has been said about Black Krrsantan in the comics, from his exile from Kashyyyk to his adventures as a bodyguard to Doctor Aphra, there’s clearly room for the character to continue to grow in Disney’s live-action series. Likewise, it is nice that the company brings familiar faces from all over the universe of starwars.

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