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Who is Dina Stars, the Cuban ‘youtuber’ who was arrested live




Dina Stars, the Cuban ‘youtuber’ with thousands of followers on social networks, she was detained by the police yesterday in the middle of a live interview from his home in Havana. The events took place this Tuesday when Dina was interviewed on the program ‘Everything is a lie‘on the channel «Cuatro» in Spain, presented by Marta Flich, hours after explain how the protests are being lived in Cuba against the Government of Miguel Díaz-Canel through his channel. In the middle of the interview, the police called her house to take her away: “State security is out there,” she replied with concern. “I have to go out,” she said abruptly.

Next, the 25-year-olds had to stop the interview live, while someone broke into her room, took her computer away and took her away. Faced with this scenario, she asked her friend to stay for the interview to tell what was happening live but unfortunately the conversation could not be heard, although the ‘youtuber’ was seen talking to someone on the other side of the door.

«I hold the government responsible for anything that happens to me. They force me to go with them“With these words the ‘influencer’ left the connection.

In previous interviews, the young woman had said that she was tired of keep quiet, but that she was afraid of what might happen to her and especially to her family. However, that same morning she had been interviewed by Manu Sánchez, in the Morning News from «Antena 3», Where he also denounced the crisis situation in Cuba. In the last few hours, Dina has become one of the symbols of repression in your country.

Likewise, the program also participated Yotuel, author of the song ‘Patria y Vida’, which has become the anthem of the protests, who stressed that Unfortunately this is the norm in Cuba. There is no law and there is nothing, it is terrible ».

But,who is dina start? She is a young ‘influencer’ with almost a million followers on Instagram. Cuban ‘Youtuber’ and «feminist», This is how she defines herself in her account. She is known for her content on social media, as well as her role as an actress in ’10Lx’.

Through your publications promotes individual freedoms: “I just gave an interview for Antena 3 Noticias. I will not get tired of shouting for the freedom of my country!”; “Behind every woman there is a story that makes her a warrior”; “There are no impossibles.” Under these slogans the young activist vindicates the regime of her country. In addition, it also narrates the Cuban lifestyle, as well as more personal content.

At this time, Cuba is leading the largest government protests for 27 years, the post-Castro transition in government, the advance of the pandemic and the economic crisis that the country is going through are some factors that lead the protests. Yesterday, in addition, the ABC correspondent, Camila Acosta, was arrested after reporting on the protests in Havana.

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