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Who is Joe Rogan and why is his controversial podcast so popular? | Digital Trends Spanish

Spotify did not give in to the pressure and ignored Neil Young’s warning. The Canadian musician demanded streaming audio remove his entire discography from the catalog if he didn’t cancel a controversial anti-vaccine podcast.

However, he preferred to keep the space and began to remove the composer’s songs, in one of the most controversial and questionable decisions the company has made.

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Who is behind this podcast and why has Spotify preferred it over the mythical Neil Young?

The program of the controversy is The Joe Rogan Experience, a podcast that has been known for spreading unsupported theories and inviting children and young people not to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Behind this space is Joseph James “Joe” Rogan, a 54-year-old former sportsman and martial arts commentator, born in Newark, New Jersey.

Rogan has also appeared in several comedy films and since 1988 he has performed standups. He also declares himself a defender of the legalization of cannabis, hunting and physical and mental well-being.

Claim to fame

An important moment in Rogan’s life came in 2009 when he launched his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, considered one of the most popular in the world. In fact, in 2015, the space added more than 16 million downloads.

Since September 2021, the program has been part of the Spotify catalog after a contract of close to $100 million dollars. It is estimated that today, the podcast has an average of 11 million listeners.

The image shows the controversial comedian Joe Rogan.
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In The Joe Rogan Experience a large number of topics are covered and important guests have been presented, one of them Elon Musk.

According to The New York Times, Rogan’s followers are mostly white, young and conservative men. According to the outlet, the comedian is “too successful to be canceled.”

“Joe Rogan is one of the most consumed media products on the planet, with the power to shape tastes, politics, medical decisions, a fact well known to legions of men under 40,” the note states.

Rogan has also become popular for stating that the human being never reached the moon, as well as criticizing Fallon Fox, known as the first transgender athlete in mixed martial arts, pointing out “she is not really a she”.

He also opposes cancel culture and has stated that “eventually there will come a time when straight white men can’t talk.”

The problem is that his fame is growing on the platforms and his followers applaud each of his interventions, despite the fact that none of them has scientific support.

According to Forbes, Rogan “has proven to be the king of new media, one who uses controversy to expand his brand.”

The image shows the controversial comedian Joe Rogan.
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The most controversial podcast

A few weeks ago, a group of 270 medical experts sent a letter to Spotify warning of the danger of keeping Joe Rogan in a health scenario like the one the planet is going through.

In The Joe Rogan Experience, the communicator assured the young people that they did not need to be vaccinated against the disease.

In another episode, he invited Robert Malone, who was banned from Twitter for spreading false information about the coronavirus and who went so far as to claim that millions of people were hypnotized into believing that vaccines can stop the disease.

The problem is that Spotify chose to support the comedian and his controversial space, in fact in a publication it indicated that it has already eliminated thousands of podcasts related to the pandemic and vaccines.

However, until now he has not openly referred to the controversy with Neil Young.

Many believe that the decision to support him could cost him dearly at a critical time for humanity, where vaccines have been shown to be the most efficient way to reduce the number of infections.

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