Thursday, September 23

Who is Nazar Mohammad, the comedian killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan




The Taliban have tried to convey a more modern and moderate image, but the human rights violence on the part of the insurgents in Afghanistan is a reality that does not seem to cease. One of the most recent cases is the murder of Afghan comedian, Nazar Mohammad, also known as more Khasha Zwan.

The Afghan comedian was popularly known for create content and videos, through song and dance routines, in which he mocked on whatever topic his followers suggested to him, and the Taliban were no exception. Some of his filming had a great impact on social networks like Tik Tok.

In addition, Nadar had diverse personalities. Too worked for the Afghan National Police, reason that made the Taliban seek revenge against him.

As reported by Human Rights Watch, the events took place at the end of last July when the Taliban dragged the comedian from his home in order to shoot him.

His case has been popularly known because of a viral video spread on social networks in which he is seen how two armed insurgents slap him, in the back of a car, before being assassinated.

In an attempt at defense, the Taliban accused the comedian of having been involved in the torture and murder of several Taliban.

its end was tragic. The reports show photographs where he is seen leaning against a tree, and then lying on the ground throat cut. This reflects the danger Afghans are exposed to under the command of the Taliban.

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