Friday, September 30

Who is the Argentine entrepreneur behind the project to sell digital lots

Giovanni Caroglio He was trained in capital markets at Nebrija University, a private training in Madrid (Spain), which he says gave him the knowledge to start and generate financing for his first project based on NFT technology. “I like to investigate a lot, and it was the first thing I did when I heard about the games ‘play to earn’, with the passage of time the idea took shape, and I gathered the necessary team to carry it out,” he says about his first steps in the financial and gaming industry.

To start his company, he did not need more than his laptop and his operational knowledge, so it was that the first investors began to arrive. “Over time we built mutual trust with private investors, linked to the crypto world, and set higher goals with investments that requested greater capital,” shares the CEO. “The biggest impulse we had to face this challenge was the common interest in new projects with blockchain technology, more specifically, by the new era of metaverses,” he says.

CryptoCountry as the next digital unicorn

The ambition and hunger to venture is such that the businessman considers the project as one of the next digital unicorns: “the only thing we lack is time, to make our vision and expectations known in order to achieve this great goal.”

Criptocountry is a digital metaverse, that is to say a 3D game, in which you can develop different commercial activities and buy a variety of NTFs or items from markets within the same game. There are objectives to be met on the continent, which belongs to the metaverse of the Thron world, developed under NFT and Blockchain technology. There, the mode of the game is housed, which will have the interaction of players and also investors.

“I always had the idea of ​​creating a private neighborhood, but in a material way. Seeing that this investment was staying in time and it was not something that brought benefits to investors, I decided to create it but in digital form. That was the trigger for what this project is today: a limitless digital metaverse ”, says the CEO.

It is estimated that the world of video games could become one of the largest contributors to the world of cryptocurrencies. The truth is that it represents a dynamic market with great potential to generate economic dividends, something that seduces first-time investors, who will also have coaches to enter this new universe.

“Blockchain-based applications have seen tremendous growth in recent years. The rise in value of cryptocurrencies is only the most striking sign, but behind the volatility of these assets, this technology progresses in functionality and adoption. One of its latest manifestations has been in the so-called crypto games, titles in which the player receives rewards in the form of cripto active just for playing “, Mendocino mentions.

Tokenization and digitization of assets

“Latin Americans see that traditional investments are not giving the same return as before, and they are encouraging themselves to face this type of investment, since they see positive results, something that strengthens them to continue projecting in the digital world,” says Caroglio. “Being a new technology, we know that the knowledge of the common people is not optimal. For the same reason, we also seek to provide them with information in this new stage, which we know is the future of the modern economy ”.

Why start in Argentina and not abroad? “The main idea of ​​the project is to help our country, having a positive impact on people, by giving them the possibility of being part of this new era of NFTs and p2e games, through a development that began at the local level and will have impact worldwide in the short term. Today it can be said that I am facing, so far, the biggest project of my life ”, concludes Giovanni.