Saturday, September 25

Who is the ‘Pollo Carvajal’

Yesterday the news of the arrest of ‘Pollo Carvajal’ appeared in a large number of national and international media. Hugo Armando Carvajal, as this Venezuelan fugitive is really called and one of the most wanted fugitives by the United States Drug Control Administration (DEA), had been detained by the Spanish police in a house in Madrid. Although for the vast majority Hugo Armando Carvajal is a great unknown, this is not the case for Venezuelans. T he ‘Pollo Carvajal’ was a Chavista deputy and head of the Venezuelan secret services during the period of Hugo Chávez. Carvajal is accused of drug trafficking, money laundering and collaboration with the FARC to introduce drugs into US territory. Since 2019 he was in Spain, and although he was being wanted by the DEA, the National Court initially rejected the extradition to the United States. However, the Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Office appealed and the Plenary ended up revoking the November 2019 resolution. It was then that ‘Pollo Carvajal’ found out from the press and disappeared. Since then, and despite the 10 million dollars that the United States offered for his whereabouts, no one knew for sure where Hugo Armando Carvajal was. Some placed it in Italy, others in the north of Madrid and, even, there was also talk of the possibility that it was on the other side of the pond. Finally, the Spanish security forces located and arrested ‘Pollo Carvajal’ after a year and ten months hiding in a house on Torrelaguna street in Madrid.

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