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WHO, leader of secrecy and prohibitionist vision

This Monday, November 8, the ninth version of the Conference of the Parties (COP9) of Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (Cmct), de la World Health Organization (WHO).

As expressed in past editions, said Convention, whose objective is the search for the protection of public health from non-communicable diseases, today faces multiple criticisms from the medical community, civil society and consumers of tobacco products.

Recently, one hundred experts in health science and policy explain that: “WHO turns its back on a public health strategy that could prevent millions of smoking-related deaths.”

The problem that this conference represents is the bias and prohibitionist vision, specifically the lack of transparency regarding the agendas and topics of discussion, particularly from consumers and the media who have different opinions.

This COP Cmct faces the same criticism that other conferences have received from the parties, such as the recently held COP 26 about him Climate Change in Glasgow, Scotland: Hermeticism towards the participation of different sectors of society and the lack of transparency.

The WHO mentality of reinforcing censorious approaches is reflected in questionable actions such as the report called “Dirty Ashtray“Which publicly points out those countries that defend positions that disagree with the WHO confirming what different public sources affirm, the Cmct has lost sight of its original purpose: To ensure a safe and healthy life for everyone, wherever they live in the world (taken from Blog Catania).

The myopia with which issues that affect more than 1 billion smokers around the world it is worrying because neither consumers, nor doctors who have an educated vision in technologies and alternatives, are welcome to participate in the convention, in fact, they are considered “ungrateful people”.

The Latin American Network for the Reduction of Damages Associated with Smoking (Reldat) rebuked the OMS pHear all the scientific evidence that they are ignoring and consequently condemning millions of smokers to keep smoking.

“All or nothing” or “Quit or die” policies lack sufficient practicality for those who are in the habit of smoking, “says Reldat.

And then the WHO ignores consumer rights.

“The desire is to motivate people so that what they do does not harm others, respecting (their right). Never with coercive or criminal measures, always respecting the smoker ”, affirms the doctor Hugo Caballero Duran, former president of the Colombian Society of Pneumology (taken from Factor RH Magazine).

Lords of Cmct Let’s open this restrictive space to a participatory one that honors its original objectives: The protection of public health, where all voices are heard with transparency and decisions are made based on science, not old-fashioned ideologies.

Francisco Rodriguez

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