Tuesday, December 5

Who will win and who should win at the Oscars

The Oscar race comes to an end in the most exciting way possible. Until a few weeks ago, few doubted the victory of dog power, Jane Campion’s film that since its time at the Venice Festival has swept every award that has been given. However, Hollywood unions have opted for coda, the film by Siam Heder about a deaf family that has managed to win the Producers Union. This gives rise to a gala in which anything can happen. There are several categories with several candidates with chances of winning. Among them, the best actress, where it seems that everything will be a duel between Jessica Chastain and Penélope Cruz.

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To try to explain how things are a few hours before the ceremony that will take place this morning from Sunday to Monday, here is a pool of who seems to win the Oscar and who should win it.

Best film

Who will win: coda

It is clear that there are only two feasible options for the Oscar for Best Picture. There will be excitement until the last prize. While in other years it was clear who was going to win, this time the race has come with two options. Criticism has leaned towards the power of the dogby Jane Campion, but the trade union awards have preferred Coda. This makes the balance seem to lean towards Sian Heder’s film. Producers and actors have already recognized it as their favorite, and it is the classic film that can benefit from the preferential vote with which the Academy chooses the best title of the year and that benefits options that further divide the public such as Campion’s western .

who should win: the power of the dog

Jane Campion’s film is the best of the ten nominees. A huge job that shows the narrative domain of the director. A film that reverses the norms of the western to turn the cowboy archetype upside down. The toxic masculinity that the genre has always given off, questioned in a film that travels from the intimate to the thriller more sick. all in the power of the dog It’s perfect: its performances, its photography, its direction, its soundtrack… A film destined to last.

best direction

Will win and should win: Jane Champion, for the power of the dog

Jane Campion has been more than ten years without directing a film. Hollywood closed the doors to one of the best directors of recent cinema and it has been Netflix who has rescued an essential figure. Her comeback has been prodigious, and Hollywood owes her an apology that may come in the form of an Oscar. It would be more than deserved. Her work is fine, attentive to every detail, bringing out the best in each actor. Her review of the western is impressive, and Campion, supported by cinematographer Ari Wegner – who should become the first woman to win in this category – proves once again that no one shoots bodies or desire like her.

best Actor

Who will win: Will Smith, for Williams method

This year’s two Leading Performance Awards look like compensation awards for services rendered. The industry has always loved Will Smith, a blockbuster actor, committed to the sector and with an innate sense of entertainment. In addition, he was one of the promoters of those #OscarSoWhite that changed the industry and made it a more diverse and better place. Unfortunately, his performance is not up to the prize. Hard work on a conventional film with a stale and even reactionary message.

Who should win: Benedict Cumberbatch, for the power of the dog

The most content work of all the nominees is the best. Cumberbatch performs with the body. There is complexity in his way of walking, of looking. In his face is self-hatred, repressed homosexuality that is only released when no one sees him. It is a work full of details and nuances and with a complexity that places it at another higher level than his rivals.

Best actress

Who will win: Jessica Chastain, for Tammy Faye’s eyes

There are performances that are made with awards in mind. Jessica Chastain’s in Tammy Faye’s eyes is one of them. The actress is asking for an Oscar in each frame, and that shows and tires her. It is a role so designed for it that it lacks emotion. Excessive characterization under layers of latex and makeup doesn’t help either. Chastain has been going for the prize from the first minute. She has attended any act, she has worked hard in the promotion and it seems that it will have an effect. But beware, various media such as Variety or Deadline are betting on Penelope Cruz. It seems that the performance of the Spanish actress has dazzled the Academy and that the vote of the international members, increasingly numerous, can play in her favor.

Who should win: Penelope Cruz for parallel mothers

The best performances of the five nominees are those of Olivia Colman and Penelope Cruz. The most polyhedral and difficult. Penélope Cruz once again demonstrates that under Almodóvar’s orders she is unbeatable. Few actresses hold close-ups better than her. She is a difficult character, who in other hands could have been incomprehensible to the viewer, but in her she is a whirlwind of emotions that makes everyone empathize with her.

Best Supporting Actor

Will win and should win: Troy Kotsur, for coda

Troy Kotsur eats the screen in Coda. He is pure charisma. He is the typical character that steals every scene he appears in and with a character that is a candy. It is impossible for anyone not to be moved and trapped by this tough but kind-hearted family man. His victory would also be very important for the deaf community, which would see how an interpreter wins the Oscar for the second time. The first was Marlee Matlin, who plays her wife in the film. Quite an achievement of representation and visibility. A Kodi Smit-McPhee win would also be more than deserved for The power of the dog.

Supporting Actress

Who will win: Ariana DeBose, for West Side Story

since it premiered West Side Story everyone has fallen for Ariana DeBose just like they did for Rita Moreno with Robert Wise’s version. Anita is one of those characters who take over the show. You can tell that DeBose has a Broadway background, and her job is a singing and dancing prodigy. Rita Moreno won the Oscar for this role, and DeBose will too if there is no surprise.

Who should win: Kirsten Dunst, for the power of the dog

DeBose’s work is one of those that are designed to show off, but there are other works that, without having so much focus, deserve all the recognition. Jesse Buckley’s on the dark daughter and Kirsten Dunst in the power of the dog are one of those. Either of the two would deserve the Oscar more than DeBose, who offers an exercise in technical perfection but far from the emotion offered by her companions and also far from the charisma that Rita Moreno gave off, with whom it is impossible not to compare her.