Monday, December 4

Who will win the Qatar 2022 World Cup according to mathematics? | Digital Trends Spanish

The bookmakers are rubbing their hands, because in November the real ticket dance begins when the ball begins to roll in the Qatar World Cup 2022an instance where the capital prize will be taken by whoever hits the champion of the contest.

And there is one person who has managed to get that forecast right for at least the last two World Cups, he is Joachim Klemen, a stockbroker who represents Liberum Capital Ltd. and has been in the business for more than two decades.

Yes, because Joachim predicted that Germany would be consecrated in Brazil and that France would lift the cup in Moscow.

Now his forecast for Qatar 2022 points to Argentina, which will reach the final with England and will also leave Spain in the semifinals.

How does Joachim Klemen come to such a categorical conclusion?: As he told the Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo, this is based on a formula that mixes the current strength of the team and elements that go beyond sports, such as socioeconomic variables.

Klemen clarifies that these affect the performance of a team, especially when it is played at an international level, and includes population and GDP as analysable. To this, he adds a bit of ‘chance’.

Still, Klemen knows he can go wrong, and he patches himself up before the wound:

“Since I’ve been in financial services, if there’s one thing I’ve perfected, it’s how to find excuses for wrong predictions. If I’m right, it’s skill, and if I’m wrong, it’s someone else’s fault.”

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