Wednesday, July 6

Who with fascists lies down, gets stabbed

Sudaca, they yelled at him. She is a woman of Ecuadorian origin. And they stabbed him in the kidney. I was in a hunger queue for people in danger of social exclusion, organized by Cáritas de Cartagena in that Region of Murcia where fascism is rampant. The normalization of racist and xenophobic messages from Vox already takes physical victims. A few days ago, Moroccan Younes Bilal was shot dead. An ex-military man fired while shouting “shitty moro” at him. They say that the woman of Spanish nationality who stabbed the Ecuadorian suffers from mental problems and is alcoholic, but mental illness and alcoholism have no scientific connection with the fascist discourse that intoxicates the psyche and blood of society. The aggressor yelled at her victim that “immigrants take our food.” The Sudacas.

It is exactly what Vox proclaims. As long as the Sudacas are poor, of course, they are not Sudacas like those of Rocío Monasterio. Because Rocío Monasterio is of Sudanese origin, but a landowner. His ancestors owned the Compañía Azucarera Atlántica del Golfo, which was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. But if you had put them in a queue of hunger waiting for a packet of sugar, they would look like what they were: sweats. In fact, they came to Spain when the revolution expropriated them, although they did not have to resort to Caritas because the father set up a fritter with pretense here: Kentucky Fried Chicken. Sudacan parents seem less sweaty when they don’t come to clean Spanish asses. There are many sudacas in Spain, although some seem more sweaty than others. Julia seems more sweaty because she cleans Spanish houses and during confinement she had to ask for food because she couldn’t work. Mario Vargas Llosa seems less sweaty because another sweaty cleans his house. Or maybe it’s Filipino. It is the same with the Filipinos as with the sudacas: some seem more Filipino than others.

So behind the stabbing and shooting there is racism, xenophobia and a classism so deep that it does not even distinguish by race or origin but simply by purchasing power. If you’re rich, you could even be a Moor without getting the shit tag added. “We will deport him,” Santiago Abascal invented when United We Can announced that Senegalese Serigne Mbayé, spokesman for the Manteros Union, would go to the Community of Madrid on his lists. Abascal knew that Mbayé has Spanish nationality, but in his electoral program there was hatred of the different, especially if the different is a mantero. Even Bertrand Ndongo, the so-called “black of Vox”, had to recommend to his party that “not like this.” But they continue like this, yes: in the investiture session of President Díaz Ayuso, the Monastery itself has once again verbally assaulted Mbayé, accusing him of having entered Spain “illegally”. And Ayuso, of course, has defended it. Because their hatred is racist, xenophobic, class and also political.

And from its ideological and strategic powders come muds like those of Murcia. Shots and stabbings that come from an ultra-right populism that poisons people, especially the most vulnerable, that deceives them and provokes their violence, making a political box of their precariousness. According to the Interior Ministry, the crime of racism and xenophobia has increased in Spain by 21% since 2019. They are hate crimes because the hate speech of fascism has flourished. What happened before in France or Germany is happening in Spain, even in Portugal. Until Vox split from the PP and reached the political institutions with that speech, in Spain we were racists, of course, but we had the detail that it was frowned upon. Few of them already thought of using terms such as sudaca or shitty moro, but when those of Abascal and Monastery arrived in the Parliament of Andalusia in 2018, that violence began to normalize with the invaluable help of the institutional speaker and the media platform, which only covering its presence amplifies it and gives it legitimacy. Now we have a very serious problem that is difficult to solve, since the sudaca and the shitty Moor have gone to stabbing and shooting. Now it is no longer easy to find the solution. What we must be clear about is that whoever lies down with fascists, gets stabbed, gets up, because the back of that Ecuadorian woman is the whole of our society.