Monday, May 16

Wholesale prices registered the smallest increase in 5 months, but climbed more than 50% in 2021

Likewise, they showed rises above the average for relevant items in the basket measured by INDEC such as Refined petroleum products (57.8%), Motor vehicles (55.5%) and Substances and chemical products (54.9%).

In parallel, national primary products rose 45% annual. Fishery products, with little incidence in the wholesale price index, soared 84.7%. Meanwhile, agricultural products and hydrocarbons showed increases of 41.9% and 46.4%, respectively.

In aggregate terms, products manufactured within Argentine borders increased 52%. At the same time, imported products had an adjustment of 44.6%.

In December, wholesale prices chained their sixth consecutive month with a monthly rise of less than 3%. The average increase was driven mainly by Agricultural products (4.8%), Food and beverages (3.8%) and Vehicles (3.3%). Meanwhile, falls in the values ​​of oil and gas (-1.9%), and manufactured products derived from oil (-0.1%) stood out.

It is worth remembering that last week the INDEC reported that retail inflation for December accelerated to 3.8%, to round off an accumulated annual figure of 50.9%, very similar to that of the wholesale segment.

It should be clarified that the Consumer Price Index (IPC) evaluates the advances in the cost of a basket composed mainly of final goods and non-tradable goods, unlike the Wholesale Domestic Price Index (IPIM), which contains mostly inputs and products that are traded abroad.