Friday, December 3

Wholesale prices remained below 3% for the third consecutive month

Primary products rose, on average 3.4%. Specifically, an increase of 4.8% in agricultural products stood out, which was the one with the highest incidence in wholesale inflation at a general level.

For their part, local manufactured products rose 2.6%. Within this group, the most influential increases were those of food and beverages (+ 2.5%), vehicles (+ 3.5%) and tobacco (+ 6.8%).

Finally, the prices of imported products rose 3.3% in September, two percentage points more compared to August.

It should be remembered that last week the INDEC reported that retail inflation accelerated to 3.5% in September, the highest level in five months.

Thus, so far in 2021, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) grew 37% while, in the same period, wholesale prices increased 39.8%. Likewise, in annual terms, retail inflation reached 52.5% against 59.1% recorded in the wholesale segment.

It is worth clarifying, however, that both indices are not linearly comparable since they contemplate different types of products; the wholesaler mainly includes inputs and tradable goods (which are traded with the rest of the world) while the retailer includes final goods and has a greater weight of non-tradables.