Thursday, September 29

Who’s who in Telemundo’s Game of Lies | Digital Trends Spanish

Telemundo today unveiled the cast of the new thriller dramatic Game of lies, made by arap bethke (Looking for Frida, Club de Cuervos), Altair Jarabo (Warrior heart, Overcome Heartbreak) Y Maria Elisa Camargo (Under the same sky).

The original series, which begins recording next week at the Telemundo Center forums in Miami, also includes the stellar participation of Rodrigo Guirao (Ruby), Cynthia Klitbo (No man’s wife), Eduardo Yanez (The Queen of the South 3, Fake identity) Y Camila Nunez. The supporting cast is made up of Patrick Gallardo, Alicia Machado, Alberto Casanova, Pepe Gamez, Gabriela Vergara, Beatriz Valdes, Mary Laura Quintero Y Barbara Garofalo, with the special participation of Aylin Mujica.

“It is a great privilege to bring together this renowned cast to bring to life this unique story that promises to captivate the viewer from the very first scene,” said Karen Barroeta, Executive Vice President of Production and Development for Telemundo Global Studios. “To the actors who join our network and the behind-the-scenes team, I welcome you and wish you the best as filming begins.”

“For me it is a pleasure and an honor to be in charge of the new Telemundo production. We have a story full of suspense and adrenaline that I am sure will captivate the public with its unexpected twists. Plus, we have a top-notch cast and we’re all very excited about this great story,” said Bethke.

For her part, actress Altaír Jarabo, who makes her debut on the Telemundo network, commented, “Game of lies It’s a rough diamond. The whole team is already polishing this jewel that will inspire the most beautiful and memorable emotions in our audience. Thank you Telemundo! For me, it’s a dream come true.”

Set in the city of Los Angeles and San Clemente California, Game of lies, is a story full of intrigue, mystery, passion and love that follows the life of César Ferrer (Bethke), a hard-working man who always dreamed of having his own family, and who gives his life for his daughter Noelia (Nuñez). When his wife disappears, all clues point to him as the prime suspect. Determined to prevent his eight-year-old daughter from being taken from him, Cesar risks investigating on his behalf. While looking for clues about the possible reasons for the disappearance of his wife, César discovers that Adriana led a double life and she may not be the person everyone knew, for better or for worse.

An original story written by Sebastián Arrau with scripts by: Yutzil Martínez, Berenice Cárdenas, Rosario Valenzuela and Adela Boltansky, the script is supervised by Sergio Mendoza. Produced by Telemundo Global Studios, this new thriller It is directed by Eduardo Ripari, Ricardo Schwarz and Uandari Gómez. The direction of photography is in charge of Iván Rodríguez and José Luis Velarde. The production design is in charge of Pedro de Larrechea and the art direction is in charge of Lisette Graffe. Karen Barroeta, Ximena Cantuarias, Elizabeth Suárez and Rafael Urióstegui are the executive producers.

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