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Why are VPNs staying in the British Virgin Islands? | Digital Trends Spanish

VPN (Virtual Private Network) means “virtual private network” and as its name implies, it is a network technology that allows you to connect to the internet in a reserved way. They offer privacy by encrypting user traffic while hiding their IP address and location.

However, when choosing a VPN it is important to consider the location of the provider, since some governments may force them to record the browsing history, location data and even text messages of their customers, and then deliver this information to the agencies. of vigilance.

A fairly popular VPN is PureVpn, a company that was founded in 2007 in Hong Kong. However, after spending 15 years there, this company has decided to relocate: now the VPN service is located in the British Virgin Islands.

In the statement, PureVPN thanked Hong Kong for the space and support it has provided the company for so many years. “We enjoyed all the support that the government and regulatory authorities gave us,” said PureVPN at the release.

The city maintained a strong stance against online surveillance and never applied any measures that could affect the privacy of PureVPN users.

Even Edward Snowden, the American technology consultant who leaked secret data from the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013, chose Hong Kong to meet with journalists in May of that year, because he considered it to be a region safe from surveillance. online.

However, moving to another location was not an easy decision for PureVPN, and less so was the choice of location. It was crucial for the company to select a location that could provide a suitable legal environment (focused on privacy) to carry out its operations.

The company made the decision to move in early 2021, and after analyzing various locations and having discussions with authorities in more than 17 different countries, PureVPN decided that moving to the British Virgin Islands was the best option.

“PureVPN was founded on the idea that people should have the freedom to use the internet the way the founders of the World Wide Web envisioned it,” said Uzair Gadit, CEO of PureVPN.

“We want people to freely browse the internet without worrying about any kind of surveillance or restrictions,” added Gadit.

Now that PureVPN is evolving from a VPN service to a comprehensive privacy solution, the company believes that the British Virgin Islands is the best place for this transition to be successful.

But why did they choose the British Virgin Islands? This territory occupies a distinguished position among privacy enthusiasts. Like Hong Kong, these islands located in the Caribbean Sea are the perfect place for a VPN company to operate that focuses its efforts on privacy, since they offer a suitable environment for that.

The new jurisdiction will not apply any measures that may violate the privacy of PureVPN users, and in that way, the company will be able to continue to provide peace of mind to its more than 3 million customers.

Although the British Virgin Islands share the same monarchy as the United Kingdom, they are self-governing islands. They have their own legislature, enact their laws, and have an independent judiciary.

Furthermore, this territory is not a member of any international data exchange alliance. This means that VPN systems based in the British Virgin Islands are not subject to surveillance laws that allow intelligence agencies to lawfully access or intercept customer data, and they also do not have data retention laws.

Again, the British Virgin Islands is a jurisdiction recognized for protecting privacy, in contrast to many European countries and Australia, which have laws that require ISPs to retain metadata related to their users’ activity.

In the British Virgin Islands, for a company to generate evidence and records (based on an investigation), an order from the High Court of this territory must come.

Other countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, do not have jurisdiction to compel an island company to produce records related to its customers. These governments must petition the High Court of the British Virgin Islands to make such an order under the jurisdiction of this region.

It is for that reason that the British Virgin Islands is the main alternative of headquarters for companies that offer VPN services. In fact, there are other recognized companies that are based there, such as ExpressVPN and Surfshark.

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