Monday, August 15

Why August 31 is a key date in the Afghanistan crisis



The taliban have managed to take control of Afghanistan in just a few weeks. The withdrawal of troops from the USA has fostered the advance of this insurgent group, which already manages access to kabul airport, the main exit route for Afghans.

In addition to the US, the European Union and other countries continue with their efforts to extract personnel from the country by forced marches, since the deadline for departure proposed by the Joe Biden Government is he August, 31. Until then, the evacuation of collaborators and other people from Afghanistan can continue.

This date is important because the Taliban are pressing for them to do so as soon as possible. In fact, the spokesperson Suhail Shaheen said on the British network ‘Sky News’ that extending the term means transferring a “Red line” and that doing so would provoke “a reaction.”

Biden insists on keeping the day of the closure of the evacuation of people and has recently requested the collaboration of the Taliban.

However, some countries in the G-7 What Canada the UK They pressure the US to increase the deadline, since many people will remain in Afghanistan without being rescued.

The evacuation plan for people is complicated by the Taliban’s control of access to the airport. These do not allow the arrival of Afghans to the airfield and just in case, the North American Government prepares a plan to remain in the country beyond the date. Although, Biden assured that “the sooner it can be finished, the better, as the danger to the troops grows with each passing day.”

At the moment, Biden revealed that 70,000 people were taken out of the country in almost 20 days of the mission. “The departure on August 31 depends on whether the Taliban continue to cooperate and allow access to the airport to those who want to leave,” said the US president.

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