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Why can’t you delete Facebook (even if you want to) | Digital Trends Spanish

Facebook is the most used social network in the world, but at the same time the one that generates the most antibodies. How can this phenomenon be explained? For more than a decade, the platform founded by Mark Zuckerberg has built an ecosystem that has made it a necessity for its users. Proof of this are the reasons why you can’t delete Facebook … although you win you do not lack.

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The social network has more than 2,700 million users worldwide. And according to a Pew Research survey As of early 2021, seven out of ten American adults (69%) use Facebook. The data, which has been stable since 2016, places Facebook behind YouTube (81%), but well above Instagram (41%), Pinterest (31%) or LinkedIn (28%).

Among those who use Facebook, seven out of ten say they visit the site daily and half do so several times a day. How does Facebook do it? Although there is data that indicates that the platform seeks to activate feelings such as anger or generate addiction processes similar to drugs, there are also more practical reasons that prevent many users from deciding to step aside.

It is useful to remind you of emblematic dates


If there is something in which Facebook is efficient, it is in that it is able to remind you like no other application of the date of anniversaries, events that might interest you or birthdays of those distant relatives that you see from time to time, friendships not so close or acquaintances. Sure, if you forget those dates, it is likely that nothing will happen (at least it was before Facebook), but if you can get help, welcome.

An all-in-one social network

Facebook social networks
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Another reason why people continue to use Facebook is because it gives you quick access to complementary applications such as Instagram or Messenger -in addition to WhatsApp-, which are increasingly integrated. In addition, it has services such as free video messaging and thematic groups are more efficient than posting notices on a bulletin board.

It is your access key to other platforms

Connect with FAcebook
Many users use the mechanism to connect their accounts of other services with their Facebook (or Google) profiles, due to the convenience of not having to remember another password and the security advantages that this mechanism offers. Not only that, but there are also other services that force you to prove your identity with a Facebook profile. If they delete your account, they would simply lose your access to these platforms.

It’s a digital time machine

Photo gallery on Facebook
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What were you doing on a day like today ten years ago? This is one of the reminders that Facebook gives you every day and that transforms it into a digital time machine, since it allows you to remind yourself of activities and events that you may have forgotten. But in addition, a good part of the users maintains in their profiles a collection of photographs and videos, their own or in which they have been tagged by their contacts. Although it is possible to download them, it would not be the same without the environment that Facebook offers.

Because you want to keep ties

Friends on Facebook

Thanks to Facebook, many people have reconnected with friends who lost contact due to those vicissitudes of destiny (and perhaps with others of which we did not want to know again). If you decide to close your Facebook account and unless you do not have them on another platform, it is likely that you will lose contact with many of them. An emotional factor that Facebook has known how to work.

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