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Why CODA is seen in Latin America by Amazon and not on Apple TV + | Digital Trends Spanish

CODA is the movie of the moment, so much so that this weekend it received a well-deserved recognition by winning an Oscar in the category of best film. However, it has caught the attention of many that, being an Apple TV + production, in some territories such as Mexico and South America it belongs to Amazon Prime Video.

To understand this situation it is necessary to go back to last year’s Sundance Film Festival, where CODA had a successful premiere. After the event, many streaming services wanted to keep the rights to the tape.

Thus, Apple was the one that presented a more generous proposal and managed to acquire the film after an investment of $25 million dollars. However, the company’s intention was to keep the film internationally, but since it was a global production, it had to re-negotiate the pre-sale agreements.

The problem is that the apple company could not obtain the rights to the film in all territories (their intention was to present CODA at several festivals before taking it to streaming). Thus, countries like Italy, Mexico and Japan simply refused to trade with the platform.

In this way, while CODA It can be seen on Apple TV + in the United States and most of the planet, in other territories such as Mexico and South America it is within the Amazon Prime Video catalog.

Another important point for the film to be broadcast on Amazon is the presence of Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez, who maintains a close relationship with the streaming platform: many of his productions are on Amazon.

It is worth mentioning that CODA is an adaptation of the original version that premiered in France in 2014 under the name the belier family.

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