Thursday, February 2

Why customers are looking for hybrid and hyper-personalized experiences

Companies of all sizes had to adapt their systems in order to meet this new demand. Suddenly, the whole world became virtual. However, reality set in with a solution tailored to customer demand: the future will be hybrid.

As in daily life, where people combine virtual work with face-to-face work, customers have begun to value brands that harmonize the best of the traditional world with the digital world.

Customers are more at the center than ever and, to do so, organizations must propose a new commercial model that adapts to the demands that omnichannel experiences require. This use of different channels must be done under the same coordinated strategy to reach the consumer at the right time.

Having an omnichannel stock, where there is no difference between the availability of products in the physical store and in e-commerce, will be a key asset in achieving a global shopping experience. On the other hand, being agile at this point will allow the company to acquire the flexibility necessary to achieve a successful hybrid experience.

Before buying a product, the customer is likely to search for opinions on the internet from other users and compare prices. Then you may go to a physical store to see, touch or try the product and finally buy it online.

In this more rational purchase process, the company will have customer data based on their consent. These will be used to personalize the shopping experience and will benefit both the brand and the customer. The correct use of this data will be critical and will define the relationship between the consumer and the brand.

Data must flow together through artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. In this way, you can create personalized and positive experiences that surprise the customer, instead of overwhelming them with unnecessary advertising. Being constantly bombarded with the same information, sometimes irrelevant, is very different from seeing a reminder advertisement for a product that the customer needs. For example, renewing a product soon to expire. These unique details will impress and strengthen the customer’s relationship with the brand and, on the other hand, will seal the difference with the competition.

Director regional Adobe Commerce.