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Why does my cat like to sit at my computer so much?

Your cat wants to sit on the keyboard. its adorable and hairy butt covers 90% of the screen, while you try to hold a meeting by Zoom. And its paws are typing in impossible letter combinations while you try to write an email.

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With all your delicacy, you try to remove it from the table, or you ask it (please) to settle in another place. But whatever you do, your cat finds its way back, and it doesn’t take long to sit back at your computer.

There are those who interpret this common feline behavior Like a cat competition for your attention (after all, the screen has managed to catch you for hours). Others suspect that their cats try to imitate their behavior: “If I type, it is normal that my cat is interested, and also wants to type.”

Or is it that it emits heat? Although perhaps your kitten is so interested in your computer, simply because you also show a lot of interest in this device.

No, your cat does not try to imitate you (or annoy you)

As tempting as it may be to think that our cats (or dogs) behave in a certain way because they imitate us, or because they try to look like us, that reasoning is not very scientific.

On the contrary: after years of studying cats, and helping with feline behavior inquiries For the humans who live with them to understand them and make them happy, experience dictates that the question we really must ask ourselves is: What function does it have for the cat?

And when cats climb onto our computers, they are probably looking for one of three things: warmth, height, or attention.

Does your cat sit at your computer? This is the reason

  • First: a computer turned on is a hot place with a very interesting texture; two of the qualities most appreciated by cats when choosing a resting place.
  • What’s more, a computer placed on a table or desk gives it an elevated and privileged perspective, from which your cat can watch its territory (your house) in search of interesting things (be it a bird that looks out of the window or its tin can of preferred chicken) and potential hazards.
  • Finally, a computer powerfully captures your attention, especially if you are working from home, and you spend many hours on it. Don’t be surprised if your cat or kitten wants some of that attention; And you know better than anyone that the most effective way to get it is to get between you and that screen.

Also, your cat wants you close

Many cats sit in places like the keyboard or near the computer because this way they know they will be close to your favorite human; and they have a good chance of capturing your attention. It will not take long to learn that it works: normally, we reinforce that behavior with caresses or talking to our feline comrade.

You already have it: your cat has learned that by sitting on your computer she can get what she wants so much: your attention. Because, as you suspect, your feline loves you (and science confirms it).

Do you need to work and not be interrupted by your cat so much? Try this

If you want to reduce the frequency of interruptions, the suggestion is to isolate the reasons that lead your cat or kitten to sit so insistently on your computer. If what you are looking for is heat, an electric blanket for felines it can make you more than happy; especially during winter.

If it is a high place, from which you can better control your environment, try placing a great scraper tree for cats near a window, as it will offer you an exciting alternative.

You can also break this habit, simply by providing a nice place to rest, which is also close to you; and reinforce with rewards, caresses and attention when you use it, sit or lie on it.

And if he simply wants your company, be sure not to neglect the interactive play sessions of your cat (with you, and with feline toys like fishing rod), and distribute them at different times throughout the day.

Unless you know your cat very well, this process can take time, and it involves practicing trial and error; or ask for the help of a feline behavior expert accredited. But understanding what your cat wants, and providing her with an alternative, can help you keep her delicious nose away from your screen; at least for longer.

Above all, be patient with your furry friend: all he wants is to be by your side and, as far as he understands, he just tries to keep you close and spend time together. And no, your cat is not going to understand your work schedule.

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