Wednesday, September 27

Why is a 137-ton rock swaying in the Huelgoat Forest? | Digital Trends Spanish

The Huelgoat Forest, located in French Brittany, is known for its huge blocks of granite, some with round shapes, others more peculiar, but all of great size and in a balance that is as peculiar as it is improbable. One of them, weighing more than 137 tons, is one of the main attractions of the forest for a unique reason: anyone can move it.

It sounds incredible, but this rock that weighs almost twice as much as a tank, can rock from side to side with a touch of hands and even with the wind.

The rock is known as’ trembling rock or trembling roche»(Wobbling stone). The dozens of videos that appear on YouTube when the nickname is typed only validate its name: a minimal movement is capable of rocking it slightly, while keeping it in position, without the risk of it rolling with fatal consequences.

How can a 137-ton rock move like this? The answer is the position of the rock on a wider base, which, while keeping it in near perfect balance, allows it to move slightly when force is exerted in certain areas. That is why in all the trembling rock videos you see people moving them from the same point.

And although the spectacle of the peculiar rock of the Huelgoat forest is completely natural, the site keeps some mysticism. And it is that according to medieval legend, King Arthur rests in this forest, whose eternal dream is guarded by neither more nor less than the magician Merlin.

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