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Why is Mario Day celebrated on March 10? | Digital Trends Spanish

Super Mario is a widely known character beyond the gaming community, and his franchise is one of the most iconic in video game history. As such, he has his own day of celebration and it is March 10, which is known as Mario Day.

On this date, fans around the world celebrate the classic character with the red hat and blue gardener, while Nintendo launches a series of offers on its games. But, why is it celebrated on March 10 and not another day, considering that there are several dates related to Mario that can be chosen?

Why is Mario Day celebrated on March 10?

The character made his first appearance in Donkey Kongin July 1981, while the first game Mario Bros. came out in July 1983. On the other hand, the date the game was first released Super Mario Bros. It was September 13 in Japan, one day even further from March 10.

The truth is that Mario Day was formed more by a social phenomenon, it was not exactly a special date that Nintendo chose at some point and established it to be commemorated.

Actually, the answer is much simpler than we might imagine: if you write “Mario” replacing the letters at the end with numbers, you get something like “Mar10”. This would be an abbreviation for “March 10”, meaning “March 10” in Spanish, and that is the date in question.

What’s interesting is that, even though it may have remained an unofficial date, Nintendo of America recognized March 10 as the original date. Mario Day in 2016. That way, fans from all over the world have the eaves of the official company to celebrate the video game’s favorite plumber.

Happy #Mar10Day! March 10th is a special time of the year, full of heroic mustaches and mighty jumps. Checkout this ‘stache of fun Mario games that will 1-Up your game time.

Which are you playing today?

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) March 10, 2021

How can I celebrate Mario Day?

You can start by playing your favorite title from the franchise. They are not few, so you have a huge variety of Mario related games to choose from. Also, you can demonstrate on social media using the hashtag #Mar10Day, which is used year after year.

On the other hand, on this day Nintendo launches a series of discounts on its On-line shop and some collectibles. So, if you don’t want to miss out on deals, something we don’t see much at Nintendo, remember to check out the company’s stores.

But that’s not all, other retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop have been getting ahead of the annual celebration by offering a variety of Mario-related Switch games.

Top deals include $20 off hit Switch games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, Super Mario Maker 2 and Yoshi’s Crafted World. Titles are offered in physical or digital format, and the discounts are pretty much the same no matter where you buy.

Elsewhere is the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Luigi Setwhich was reduced to $59.99 (normally $99.99) and Mario Plus Rabbids Kingdom Battlewhich is priced at $18.99.

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