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Why is Pasión de Gavilanes the most watched on Telemundo? | Digital Trends Spanish

Latino audiences love soap operas. This genre is one of the most consumed cultural products in the region, so each year there are several productions that the chains premiere.

One of the most fondly remembered is Passion of Hawks, which Telemundo launched on the small screen in October 2003. After the first season, the series soon became the most watched on the television network.

In fact, the company has defined Passion of Hawks as a phenomenon that had worldwide reach. The good news for fans is that the network confirmed that the soap opera will have a second season that will hit the screen in February 2022.

“The audience will be able to enjoy a contemporary version of this iconic story of love, betrayal and intrigue, and meet a new generation of characters who, without a doubt, will awaken the same passions that lived two decades ago with the original story,” said Marcos Santana, president of Telemundo Global Studio.

Keys to success

Pasión de Gavilanes became a massive phenomenon in Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica and in some countries as distant as China, Spain, Serbia, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania and Israel.

RTI Televisión’s production for Telemundo won important distinctions at the TVyNovelas and India Catalina awards.

Passion of Hawks It has all the ingredients to seduce a massive audience. It shows a passionate love story, where the protagonists are the Reyes brothers and the Espinoza sisters.

It also offers a good dose of intrigue and several twists and turns that keep fans waiting for 188 episodes.

An image from the soap opera Pasión de Gavilanes

Another key element that can justify the success of the telenovela is the cast starring actors such as Mario Cimarro, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Michel Brown, Danna García, Paola Rey and Natasha Klauss.

All of them marked an era and managed to become easily recognizable faces for lovers of this genre. The good news is that Telemundo has confirmed that the return of the production will feature practically the same cast as the original 2003 version.

We are still as excited as you are! 🙌❤️🐴 The new season is loaded with mystery, passion, revenge and much more.

Every time there is less for you to enjoy it. We are waiting for you in February 2022 just for @Telemundo. # PGD2 #Passion of Hawks

& mdash; Passion of Gavilanes (@PasionGavilanes) December 15, 2021

Finally, the fiction featured an original soundtrack by Zharick León that managed to enchant viewers, which was led by the song “Fiera inquieta”.

All of these ingredients made Passion of Hawks in one of the most successful products that Telemundo has transmitted and in a true revolutionary phenomenon that forever marked soap operas aimed at Spanish-speaking audiences.

You can watch the first season of Passion of Hawks on the site of Telemundo and in Netflix.

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