Saturday, October 1

Why is the left superior?

The right often suffers from the fact that people on the left consider themselves morally superior. The pity for her is that it is an objective and empirical fact, more and more demonstrable with the simple assistance of political news. It is not just a question of morality, it is that politically the left has shown in a concrete and material way to be infinitely superior to a Darwinian, selfish, individualistic right that only cares about its own particular interest, even when that degrades coexistence, the debate public and spaces for socialization to the point of prioritizing their electoral possibilities over the survival of our well-being and our territory.

Responsibility in managing everyone’s resources, regardless of the electoral cost that doing so may entail, is one of the main capacities that the left is demonstrating and that by itself would demonstrate a clear moral superiority over the right. If measures have to be taken for a higher and collective good, they are taken, despite the fact that they may be unpopular. The climate crisis means passing measures that can be very costly in terms of popularity because they require sacrifices for an improvement that may only be seen by later generations. There are not many visible improvements in material conditions to reduce our environmental impact today, but they must be done to leave future generations with a habitable planet. The right prefers power today and puts stones in any measure that has future sustainability as a principle, knowing that opposing it can provide present revenue in exchange for mortgaging the future.

That is what we have seen this week after the approval of the royal decree on energy saving measures. An opposition based on lies, histrionics and irresponsibility that has carried out a campaign to discredit measures that it did not even know about, arguing doubts and refutations that were resolved in the text of the royal decree. Some analyzes spoke of the story that was wanted to be imposed with the lying and trickster strategy of the opposition to completely innocuous measures for the well-being of citizens that seek essential energy savings in a situation of emergency, war and scarcity.

The story, public policies do not matter. An analysis that puts those who act responsibly on equal terms with those who want to see everything burn to inherit the burned land. It is not valued positively in the analyzes that the left exercises its responsibility, but the opposition to a coercive measure of the Government because it provides revenue to the right. The argument put forward is that forcing rules to be followed puts the left in the role of censor, grumpy and bossy, for which the role of the irresponsible is praised for presenting itself as the party that lets you do what you want in freedom because it provides electoral revenue. It may provide them, but if it does, it is because of the role of the analysts who, placing themselves in immaculate positions that do not tarnish them too much, do not exercise a critical role against all those positions that prefer to take power than do what is right.

The climate crisis has run over us and the right prefers that everything be destroyed in order to return to Moncloa. It is not about opposing the fact that the air conditioners in shopping centers are at 27 degrees, it is about opposing everything that is necessary to survive in the future as long as they regain power. This summer we have had more tropical nights (above 20 degrees) and more equatorial nights (above 25 degrees) than any of the previous 30 years. Days above 35 degrees are a record in almost all provinces and we have become accustomed in some regions to never falling below that temperature. The Mediterranean Sea has tropicalized equalizing its temperature with the Caribbean Sea when it rises more than six degrees and the fires in Spain due to climatic conditions have already burned more than 200,000 hectares, making it the worst summer so far this century. Meanwhile, the right has turned putting the air conditioning at 22 degrees in Primark into its latest cultural battle, while it has the sick at more than 30 degrees in the public hospitals it manages, with fans that their families have to bring. Still wondering why the left is superior?