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Why is the Yellowjackets series so popular these days? | Digital Trends Spanish

have you heard of yellowjackets? It is the new series that is on everyone’s lips, which tells a story set in the 90s that mixes psychological terror and teen dramas.

The series premiered in November 2021 on the American channel Showtime, however, lately it has become popular as it is available on the Paramount Plus streaming platform. But what accounts for the sudden popularity of yellowjackets? Here are some reasons.

The protagonists are women

In a world where the fight for gender equity is getting stronger, producers Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, both in charge of narcs Y Narcos: Mexico previously, they bring us a series focused on female characters.

In this way, the series has a high-level cast made up almost entirely of women: Melanie Lynskey, Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci, Tawny Cypress, Ella Pernell, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Sophie Thatcher, Sophie Nelisse and Samantha Hanratty, along with Warren Kole, Jack DePew, and Steven Krueger.

Show the cold truth behind a survival event

The series begins in 1996, telling the story of a women’s soccer team at a school in New Jersey, United States: the Yellowjackets. The team must travel to Seattle to participate in a championship, but while on the way, their plane crashes in the middle of a deep forest area in Ontario, Canada. Consequently, the surviving girls are stranded for 19 months.

Naturally, in their fight for survival, madness descends on the group. And since only adolescent girls are left alive, the problems are not just about gathering water or food, but also about the dramas of youth and human relationships, which include a wide range of bloody revenge fantasies. Also, the fight for survival involves breaking the rules, so the characters begin to show their worst side, even falling into cannibalism.

It has time jumps

It is entertaining when a series presents you with a past and a present, with the youthful and current versions of the protagonists. That’s what happens with yellowjackets: We will not only witness the terrible plane crash that occurred in 1996, but we will also be part of the process of overcoming the protagonists 25 years after the tragedy.

The jump to the present will reveal the wounds that remained open after so long and how the protagonists have “managed” to adapt to society after everything they’ve been through. In that way, we can understand how the versions of the present have been determined by their experiences in the forest 25 years ago.

Also, as the anniversary of the fateful event has passed, women have become a public source of fascination. So, in addition to dealing with their adult problems, they must respond to a conspiracy that jeopardizes the pact of silence they made after the tragedy.

It is an acclaimed horror and drama story by Stephen King

The series shows the terror from the difficult situation of survival. In fact, famed horror, supernatural fiction, and mystery writer Stephen King, known for works like The Shining, Item, The Stand Y carrie, acclaimed the new material:

yellowjackets It’s a great survival story, a great mystery story, and it has its fair share of horrifying moments. What it also has — that a lot of current shows don’t — is sharp characterization and a biting sense of humor.”

YELLOWJACKETS is a hell of a good survival story, a hell of a good mystery story, and has its fair share of horrifying moments. What it’s also got–so many current shows don’t–is sharp characterization and a mordant sense of humor.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) January 7, 2022

In short, if you see yellowjackets You will have dark scenes full of drama and other terrifying ones with suspense, gore and supernatural mystery.

It has also been compared to the series lost, when creating theories about the strange events that are happening, but the difference is that in yellowjackets they play with the viewer by alternating obvious clues with narrative traps.

It is based on Lord of the Flies

Showcase’s drama is based on a classic of English literature: Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a novel published in 1954. In this work, a group of British students suffer a plane crash and their plane crashes on a desert island.

In the story, only the children survive the accident, so they are the ones who look for the tools and the necessary food to get out of there with. But as they await rescue, overwhelmed by a sense of despair, the young men are pushed to extremes by experiencing the darkest emotions possible.

References to this book in yellowjackets are obvious, but the series brings us a slightly fresher version starring women.

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