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Why isn’t the original Morpheus in The Matrix 4? | Digital Trends Spanish

The first trailer of The Matrix Resurrections It has generated all kinds of reactions. On the one hand, fans are eager to revisit the universe more than two decades after its original release; On the other hand, the absence of Laurence Fishburne in the role of Morpheus raises more doubts than certainties: does the character remain, now played by another actor? Or will it just be absent?

The answer is neither easy nor straightforward, but there is an important antecedent worth considering that most people don’t know about: in the universe of The Matrix, the original Morpheus is dead. And this was not seen in the movie trilogy, but in a video game born in 2005 under the name of The Matrix Online.

What game was The Matrix Online?

Produced by Warner Bros. and developed by Monolith Productions – the same de Shadow of Mordor-, The Matrix Online It was an MMO-type game, a massively multiplayer that chronicles the events that occurred just after the events of The Matrix Revolutions.

On The Matrix Online, Morpheus dies in a very strange cinematic and at the same time typical of the year in which the game was released. It does not have the spectacularity of the movies or anything like that, but for narrative purposes, the story goes that the character of Laurence Fishburne no longer exists either in the Matrix or in the simulation.

And this is where things get tricky. The Matrix Online It wasn’t exactly a great game, and it didn’t make much of an impact with the audience. Therefore, and after four years of operation, the servers were closed in 2009.

But at the same time, it is a considered game Canyon in the universe of The Matrix. And so much so, that the directors of the original tapes approved all the new narrative material introduced by later video games; Back then, in the mid-2000s, there were no intentions to produce new films.

For years, fans have theorized about Morpheus’ fate and how his death may have been faked. However, none of those questions were officially answered and the fact that in the new tape of The Matrix Laurence Fishburne is not present, suggests that the events of The Matrix Online effectively remain in force.

Is Morpheus alive in the new Matrix?

Also relevant to the Morpheus mystery is what is seen in the trailer. Actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s character looks like a younger version of the original Morpheus, but an analysis of Den of Geek reveals some inconsistencies between the two characters, especially in terms of the reactions of the new (and supposed) Morpheus to what could be a discovery of the reality in which he finds himself.

The Morpheus of The Matrix he knows exactly who he is and what happens to the universe. On the other hand, this new character does not seem so sure of that, judging by the scene in which he is surprised by a glitch in the mirror.

However, the same actor published an image on his Instagram account with the word MORPHEUS, which would suggest that it is the same character in a different version. Bad than bad, much of what happens in Matrix It is part of a simulation and this film is entitled, precisely, resurrections.

Beyond all speculation, the definitive answer to the mystery of the original Morpheus and the new Morpheus will be known once the film is released, in December 2021. However, one thing is clear: Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus passed away in a video game that not many people played and that is part of the official history of The Matrix.

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