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Why was the premiere of the Vicente Fernández series suspended? | Digital Trends Spanish

The Televisa network had scheduled the premiere of the biographical series on Vicente Fernández for this Monday, March 14. However, a judge ordered to suspend the premiere of The last king: the son of the peopledue to a lawsuit filed by Fernández’s family.

The close environment of “Charro de Huentitán” accused Televisa of using illegally and for profit “registered trademarks, artistic name reservations for exclusive use and image”, affecting, according to them, the prestige and reputation of the artist who died. in December 2021.


Thus, a federal judge determined the suspension of the premiere of the series while the lawsuit is resolved. The stoppage of the production of similar projects that talk about the life, image, voice and work and brand of Vicente Fernández Gómez was also decreed.

A few days ago, the Fernández family asked the Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property (IMPI) to act with a series of precautionary measures so that the content related to the artist was not distributed.

The news of the suspension of the series has been celebrated by those close to the singer and by his followers. On his Instagram account, Vicente Fernández Jr. celebrated this determination by sharing the news about the measure, while the community of fans also took to social networks to express their satisfaction with the suspension.

“We support him, a legend is left alive and in our memories, not on a television station to make money,” published a follower account of the late singer.

The series that Televisa intended to premiere was based on the controversial book by Argentine journalist Olga Wornat and would star Pablo Montero. At the moment, Netflix is ​​also preparing another biographical series about the charro, which does have the support of the family of the king of the ranchera.

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