Monday, May 16

Wife of “Bitcoin King” is kept under house arrest

The wife of Cláudio Oliveira, the fake “King of Bitcoin”, Lucinara da Silva Oliveira, was kept under house arrest. She was arrested along with Cláudio Oliveira in July 2021, when Operation Daemon was launched by the Federal Police of Brazil.

Target of search and seizure, she also had her belongings taken, as well as her husband.

One of the goods seized and in the possession of the couple was the luxury Lamborghini, which is in a mall in Londrina on public display until January 30, 2022.

This shows that the coup applied by the companies is considered by the authorities a milestone in the fight against organized crime and against the popular economy.

Arrest History of the Wife of the “Bitcoin King”

The wife of the “King of Bitcoin”, Lucinara Oliveira, has not been very accepting of her stay in prison, after being linked to her husband’s case, denying any involvement with the activities investigated by the Brazilian authorities.

Arrested in July 2021, she had her prison converted to house arrest days after Operation Daemon. However, she failed to comply with the precautionary measures imposed on her at the time, being taken back to the penitentiary.

In September of that year, she asked again to be placed under house arrest for ill health and for being the mother of a young child. His request was denied at the time.

Even so, after appealing, she ended up having her prison again converted to house arrest and she went to serve her sentence at home. Cláudio Oliveira himself, when he saw his wife at home, tried in October 2021 to extend the benefit, claiming that his case was similar, but he did not convince the STJ.

Tried to be released from prison for good, but it didn’t work out

Despite already having a history of coming and going from house arrest and penitentiaries, Lucinara tried with the STJ to get rid of the need to comply with this measure.

Thus, she asked to have her house arrest revoked, and the case was analyzed by the Vice-President of the STJ, Jorge Mussi, who was acting president last Tuesday (19), the date on which the case was judged.

The defense argued that she has a fixed residence, is a primary defendant and has no risk, “there is insufficient evidence as to the authorship of the crimes imputed to her“.

In his view, the minister declared that this case could not judge the case in the STJ, which has not yet judged the merits of the request.

“The matter cannot be considered by the Superior Court of Justice, as it has not been examined by the Court of origin, which has not yet judged the merits of the original writ.”

In addition, the minister highlighted in his denial an excerpt from the original process that identified that she and her husband always move to another city after their blows are exposed, which would pose a risk in releasing her from prison permanently.

The minister highlighted an excerpt in the decision that she also has a seized Bitcoin wallet and did not cooperate with justice, denying its existence. In this way, the request for permanent freedom for the wife of the “Bitcoin King” was denied and she will remain under house arrest for now.

This scam investigated by the PF moved millions of investors with the excuse of making investments in Bitcoin, but it was nothing more than a facade for a fundraising scheme for the own use of money by the owners of the Bitcoin Banco Group.