Monday, September 25

Wife wants access to Bitcoin of late husband who had secret girlfriend

A wife seeks help to gain access to Bitcoin from her late husband in the United States, in a complex case involving even a secret girlfriend.

As a foundation, Bitcoin is a digital currency that is only available to those who have a private key to a wallet. In other words, from the point of view of technology, leaving this as a legacy is a process that involves a lot of care, since all value can be lost after the death of its owner.

One case that caught the attention of the world community was an owner of a brokerage called QuadrigaCX, who operated in Canada, and saw his owner supposedly die and take with him all the funds of the now bankrupt company and all of its clients.

Anyway, the woman in the US asked for help about her private case on a portal, pointing out that her husband profited heavily from Bitcoin, but never revealed anything to her about his investments.

Wife finds out late husband had Bitcoin and wants to know if he can get access to the value

This Monday (27), the website MarketWatch published a case of an anonymous wife who would like to understand more about the fundamentals of her case. The question was sent to journalist Quentin Fottrell, on his board. The Moneyist, which answers thorny questions involving finances and relationships.

According to his wife, their marriage lasted 33 years and she never suspected that he led a double life, one married and one single. In single, he used his work contacts and ended up starting a relationship with a secret girlfriend.

One of the surprises she got was finding six credit cards with bills for $1,000 each, something she was not aware of. Later, she ended up noticing that he was a Bitcoin dealer and was making profits on his market positions.

At one point, the wife found out that her late husband had a bank and Bitcoin account in which his girlfriend was listed. Since he had no funeral plan, his wife now wants to gain access to the value.

“Apparently the woman was listed on a bank account and her bitcoin account – totaling more than $50,000 at the time of her death. He had no funeral plan. Do I have any rights to these accounts? I’m in Washington State.”

Women can get half if they act before girlfriend

In response to the wife’s inquiry, Fottrell stated that in Washington state, couples’ property can be accessed with proper proof of death by the wife. When presenting herself to the banking institutions, she will be able to claim her share, which comes to half the amount, or US$ 25,000.

However, the journalist warns that she must run and act before the mysterious girlfriend, who, as she is registered to withdraw from the accounts, can obtain the full amount that belonged to her deceased husband.

It is noteworthy that, if the value in Bitcoin is deposited in brokers, it may be easier to obtain access to the value, but in cold portfolios it will hardly have access.