Wednesday, August 17

Wigs, a strange accent and two magnetic locks: this is how the wine valued at 150,000 euros was stolen in Atrio

Place: Hotel Restaurant Atrio, Plaza de San Mateo 1, Cáceres. Date: early morning from October 25 to 26. Time: 1:15 at night. Two guests, a male and a female, come down from their room and address the receptionist. They are hungry. The theft of 47 priceless bottles of wine is nearing completion. Among them a Château d’Yquem 1806 whose price on the menu is 150,000 euros.

The employee informs them that the kitchen is closed, but offers to prepare something quick – a salad – and leaves the reception.

The man goes down to the cellar, located on another floor, and manages to open two magnetic locks. It does not use any type of violence. Leaves no trace. Security cameras have captured the couple, but the thieves know the place well. They know how to move and where to stand.

Since yesterday the news was known, the details of this movie hit are being shelled in various media, by the owners of Atrio, Toño Pérez and José Polo.


Monday, October 25. A woman comes to the Atrium reception and asks for a room. At dinner time, she is accompanied by a man. Both have submitted Swiss documentation. They speak correct English, but their accent is not native. They are extremely friendly. An employee comments that the woman appears to be wearing a wig. “He had very special hair.”

In the past bull, there are more indications for suspicion. It’s not just the wig

In the past bull, there are more indications for suspicion. It’s not just the wig. In one of those courtesy talks between Atrio staff and guests, Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron are mentioned. Famous. They do not know them. A Swiss who does not know Herzog is like a Spaniard who does not know Rafael Moneo. It is not Swiss.

Tuesday, October 26. 5:00 in the morning. The couple leaves the room. They have barely slept three hours, if at all. They go down with the luggage to reception. They pay part in cash and part using a prepaid card that leaves no trace. They leave the hotel.

They carry in their suitcases part of the history of Atrio and of the affections and emotions of its owners.