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Wikipedia: sell as NFT the first edition of the site | Digital Trends Spanish

Jimmy Wales, one of the founders of Wikipedia, is selling a non-expendable token, also known as an NFT, from the first edit he made on the site.

The sale manager will be the Christie’s auction house that will carry out the transaction between December 3 and 15.

The auction also includes the iMac that Wales used to launch the free encyclopedia.

According The Verge, the NFT being sold corresponds to a very early version of the site that debuted in January 2001. “What you see on the screen is what Wikipedia looked like at the time I set up the software,” he explains to the site.

The page will be launched publicly on the web and can be viewed and edited by anyone. However, all changes that are made will be reverted after five minutes and the site will return to the original state with the traditional “hello world” message that welcomed back in 2001.

“The NFT, which is written on the Ethereum blockchain, encodes a smart contract that gives its buyer control over that website,” notes The Verge.

“The buyer can change the window to reverse the edits and, if they really want to, they can deactivate the edit or close the page. You can also take a completely free approach and let Wales manage the page for them. “

This auction recalls what happened a few months ago when Tim Berners-Lee, known as the father of the Internet, sold the source code of the first web browser as NFT, which ended up auctioning for $ 5.4 million.

As Berners-Lee did, the proceeds from the Wikipedia auction will be donated to various charities.

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