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Wikitrivia: the game for lovers of historical data | Digital Trends Spanish

wikitrivia is a new web game that fans of the story will love. According to its creator Tom Watson, it is a trivia card game where you have to order different historical events.

How to play?

Players receive a card that represents a historical fact. Some of the events, for example, ask to specify the date the Bastille was built or when the October Revolution ended.


The idea is that the person takes the card and can place it in the correct place on the timeline. The user can make a mistake three times. However, if you run out of hearts, you’ll need to start with a new timeline.

The game uses Wikidata as a basis when displaying historical data for each card. What makes it attractive is that facts from various fields, including music, are included when querying for the date a rock band was formed, such as Foo Fighters.

Okay, I promise that the last one was a slip of the mouse.

— Mitchell (@strawberrywell) January 17, 2022

This makes wikitrivia be entertaining for a larger number of people. Another relevant aspect is that the game experience is pleasant and fluid in its mobile and desktop versions.

wikitrivia is in constant development. In fact, its creators invite people to report on their website if they have found any flaws or inaccurate data.

Other historical events and happenings can also be suggested to further nurture this new web game.

If you are interested in playing wikitrivia you can access this link.

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