Tuesday, March 28

Will Banco Santander deliver on profitability? Results Preview

The editors of finanzas.com They break down the keys of the day together with the experts and the most solvent sources in the sector. This episode features the participation of Ibroker strategist Antoni Castelo. The analysis focuses on the previous results of Banco Santander, whose benefits advanced on Monday finanzas.com, on the weaknesses of the Bankinter, Caixabank and Sabadell accounts, on how to strengthen the portfolios at the end of January, and on the analysis of IAG, Telefónica and Talgo.

episode chapters

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:38 Preview on Banco Santander
  • 08:52 Strengthening portfolios
  • 17:45 IAG Annual Outlook
  • 20:51 Telefónica: year of recovery?
  • 24:29 Talgo, before a takeover bid from CAF
  • 27:00 The interest rate dilemma

Transcript Summary

Finanzas.com reported this Monday that the result of Santander will be 8,000 million euros. It will break pre-pandemic levels. The unknown that remains to be cleared up is whether it will fulfill its profitability promises, which were between 9 and 10 percent based on ROTE.

What do you expect from BBVA? Will we see a strong impact from Turkey?

What did you dislike about Caixabank?

By market sectors. What do you like best to reinforce the portfolios?

IAG. It has lost a bit of steam compared to the start of the year. How do you see the perspectives of the airline?

Telefónica has strengthened the 4 euros and comes from marking a bullish streak of 5 sessions. Could this be the year of recovery?

Talgo. You have followed the value by the possibility of it receiving a takeover bid by CAF. Is this year the decisive one?

episode credits

  • Director: Ismael Garcia Villarejo
  • Production: Jose Jimenez
  • Production: Covadonga Lacruz
  • Recorded in Madrid on January 31, 2022