Thursday, September 21

Will HBO Max disappear to make way for Discovery Plus? | Digital Trends Spanish

A series of speculations in the specialized media in the United States says that the streaming industry could suffer a new turnaround in its protagonists and that hbo max is at risk of disappearing. How true can this rumor be?

Part of the blame would lie with a business venture, Discovery’s acquisition of WarnerMedia from AT&T. The journalist Tony Maglio in IndieWire reported that there were cuts to come at HBO, and it’s all due to a desire to cut costs as they merge HBO Max and Discovery Plus.

The Wrap for its part told in a new report that “HBO Max development is expected to be hit especially hard with layoffs with two sources putting the number of development staff cuts at 70%.”

This led to, for example, Beyond The Trailer YouTuber Grace Randolph warning the following on her Twitter:

Okay, here’s the RUMOR re the #WBD presentation on Thursday

#HBOMax will be folded INTO #DiscoveryPlus
not vice versa, probably as #HBO tab

– getting rid of #HBOMax scripted, overall streaming focusing on unscripted

#HBO stays as is, as a premium cable channel

— Grace Randolph (@GraceRandolph) August 2, 2022

“HBO Max would become part of Discovery Plus, “likely as #HBO tab” and that the new service would “get rid of #HBOMax general streaming with original content focusing on streaming without original content.”

Tom’s Guide he also theorizes and comments that, “this would essentially force loyal HBO Max subscribers to buy a new (likely more expensive) streaming service to continue to have access to the shows and movies they love, while possibly getting less of that content.” what do you prefer”.

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