Saturday, September 30

Will Smith sends Chris Rock “deep apologies”: “I try not to feel like shit”

Four months after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, the actor posted a video on Friday on your Instagram account in which he apologizes for his “unacceptable behavior” and offers his partner to talk whenever he wants.

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This is his first public and forceful audiovisual apology after the event that occurred at the Oscars, although he had already apologized in a message on Instagram the day after the event.

“I reached out to Chris and the message he got back to me is that he’s not ready to talk and when he is, he will. So I’ll tell you, Chris, I apologize. My behavior was unacceptable and I’m here when you’re ready to talk.”

Later, the actor also apologizes to Chris Rock’s mother and other members of his family. “I didn’t realize how many people I was hurting at the time,” he says, adding, “This is probably irreparable.”

Smith explains that he has spent three months trying to understand what happened that night. “There is not a part of me that thinks that was the correct way to behave at that moment, no part of me thinks that it is the optimal way to handle a disrespectful feeling or an insult,” said the actor, who that night He received an Oscar for his performance in Williams method.

And he has admitted that he made a decision for himself, which was influenced by his “history” with Chris Rock and that his wife, Jaden Smith, had nothing to do with it. Will Smith’s reaction was motivated by a comment by Rock, in his role as host of the gala, about the physical appearance of actress Jaden Smith, who suffers from alopecia.

“I feel deeply sorry. I’m trying to be sorry without being ashamed of myself. I’m human. I made a mistake. I’m trying not to feel like shit, ”he adds on the recording, before making an amendment:“ I promise to put light, love and joy in the world ”. “If you hang in there, I promise we’ll be able to be friends again,” he concludes.