Monday, August 8

Winamp: the classic MP3 player returns with a total residence | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the most popular shows of the 1990s will be revived with a redesign. This is Winamp, which will soon be back with changes and improvements typical of “a new generation”.

The Winamp website shows new colors, a revamped logo, and anticipates that “something big is happening.” Apparently, the folks behind Winamp are creating a version with more contemporary-appropriate features. It must be remembered that Winamp was born as a music player in local format (MP3), but that option has been lagging behind others, such as streaming.

While there are no public details yet, it appears that Winamp will adopt those trends. In particular, the site talks about giving power and control to artists and creators, who will be able to receive fair compensation for their work. And artists are also invited to sign up for later “being able to release music to a new audience,” suggesting there is probably a service involved.

Those interested in this new version of Winamp can now subscribe to become beta testers and experience first-hand what is coming up in the future. May this be streaming audio in service format, while also functioning as a local player just like in its prime.

But while this is happening – and for which there is no specific date – it is possible to download version 5.8 of the program, which is the most official and is guaranteed to be more secure than other versions that swarm the internet.

Having said all the above, the bet is that Winamp will become another service similar to those that already exist. The question is how successful you could be or how much your name could help you.

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