Friday, September 24

Windows 11 analysis: a tour of its best news | Digital Trends Spanish

Windows 11 is here. On October 5 it will be able to be installed on all compatible computers, but we are early to test the beta version so you can see some of the design news.

Something you should keep in mind is that Windows 11 is a momentous change compared to Windows 10. The details that you will notice the most are largely related to the design of its interface. When I installed the beta version, I noticed some interesting changes, such as that of the Windows start screen and its sound, but also aspects that we use on a daily basis such as its main menu.

Windows 11 main menu changes

Imagine that you press the Windows key on your computer, what do you hope will happen? Surely your answer will be to open the left panel with all the applications, as in the more traditional configuration that we have had with Windows 10. Well, in Windows 11 you will find a central menu in which you will see some shortcuts such as Microsoft Edge, Outlook or File Explorer.

There are two ways to access this menu: by pressing the Windows button on the keyboard or by clicking the icon on the bottom bar. When you do it, the menu of yesteryear does not display, but you find a new docked screen that incorporates a task bar and the apps you use the most in shortcut form.

More shortcuts in Windows 11

One detail that I liked about Windows 11 is the ability to give you more with less. Now in the lower left corner, when we touch the volume key, for example, we find a new panel that shows us the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings and that allows us to activate airplane mode, battery saving, alarms in one place. and accessibility options. In addition, we have control of the brightness and, of course, the volume.

Here we also find the battery status and a new shortcut to the settings, which by the way, is completely redesigned. In addition, from the bottom bar we can open a new activity panel, which shows us all notifications and email at a glance.

New configuration format and customization options

If something is interesting in the design of Windows 11 it is its new Settings section, which was completely redesigned to give us a clear and concise side menu that allows us to navigate through the various options without losing sight of it. In addition, we find a particular area that is quite new, that of Personalization, where we can not only place day or night mode, but also configure the colors that we want to predominate in each option.

Something I liked is that, when you have a sale in the foreground, it has a more solid color, contrary to when it is in the background, as it looks transparent. These tonal changes allow you to see other windows without losing focus on the main one.

Microsoft Teams is now native

Microsoft wants to make Teams the platform par excellence to chat with your friends, something like when everyone used MSN Messenger. In this case, it is integrated into the start bar and you can have quick chats, GIF conversations and send documents. Everything stays in one place. From my point of view, Microsoft not only wants to revive that need to have all your contacts in one place, but also to offer a tool capable of being used in a personal and professional way.

At the moment, Teams is only integrated into the bar with personal accounts, but in the future it will do so with professionals. If you use both with the same email, you may be able to see both sets of friends separately. This is a very good way to make tools like Slack suffer, just bought by Salesforce, another tech giant.

Renewed app store and with Android

Windows 11

Although I couldn’t taste the Android application integration from the Amazon App Store at Microsoft, the store is shown renewed. Something very important is that the company said that it will not charge developers for the sales they make in their app, which could bring more apps to the Microsoft Store (that means more security for users, as we will download fewer programs from unknown locations).

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