Thursday, July 7

Windows 11: Android apps will run natively | Digital Trends Spanish

Microsoft had a big surprise in store for the presentation on June 24, Windows 11, as it announced that Android applications will be able to run natively on the new operating system.

For that, the apps can be downloaded from Microsot Store, in addition to using the Amazon application store to bring them to all its users.

These Android apps on Windows 11 will work with Intel Bridge technology and can be pinned to the taskbar or docked alongside traditional Windows apps.

In a clear rivalry with the M1 chips that Apple recently implemented in some of its devices, Microsoft showed the operation of applications such as TikTok to run on Windows 11.

The Windows store that Microsoft showed included, among others apps, Ring, Yahoo, and Uber, to name a few. What is still unclear is how many existing devices will support Android apps running Windows 11.

Since 2015, Project Astoria, from Satya Nadella’s company, has been looking for Android developers to participate directly in their operating system; at that time, the idea was that those created for the Google OS could be redesigned for Windows.

Microsoft was thinking about this integration since Windows 10, when it implemented YourPhone, which was used to use the applications you have on your phone on your desktop computer.

Now we will have to wait until the launch of the official beta of Windows 11 and surely until 2022 to see these changes reflected on the screen of your PC or notebook.

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