Friday, May 27

Windows 11 could show ads in File Explorer | Digital Trends Spanish

Microsoft would be evaluating introducing ads in Windows 11 File Explorer, which could be used to promote its own products and invite users to learn more about these services.

This new feature has already been spotted in the latest build (build 22572) of the operating system for the developer channel that is part of the Windows Insider program. This has been shown at least by one of his members, Florian B, Insider MVP, through his Twitter account.

Some people will go mad if Microsoft starts adding ads in explorer.

— Florian (@flobo09) March 12, 2022

The ad appears in a bar above the file, with a slightly darker background compared to the Explorer page, along with a warning signal and a brief appeal to a user need. A button is also incorporated that invites you to learn more about this option.

This feature allows the tech company to promote its own products based on the user’s search in File Explorer. Thus, according to the revealed image, a person is in the Documents folder when the system promotes a Microsoft Editor ad.

This promoted tool is an intelligent writing assistant for emails, documents or the web that, according to the company on its official site, “offers features that help reinforce writing, grammar and style”.

Now it remains to be seen if this new resource will appear in the final version of the new Microsoft operating system, since many of the tools that are tested in Windows Insider do not reach the official updates and only remain in the testing phase.

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