Monday, August 8

Windows 11 expands: Microsoft activates the update on more compatible computers

Microsoft has confirmed that is spreading the free update to Windows 11 to more computers compatible. On its official documentation website they affirm They are using a machine learning algorithm to activate the new version of the system on computers that can.

A scheduled expansion with manual installation option

It is possible, therefore, that if you have a computer with Windows 10 but capable of running Windows 11, you already have a desktop alert inviting you to do so. At The Verge confirm that in many of their own computers the warning has jumped, including one PC assembled by parts.

If you have not been alerted and you are impatient, do not worry: there are alternatives. You can download the system manually as long as your computer meets the requirements (be careful to have a TPM 2.0 chip, which is the biggest obstacle), or you can download Windows 11 ISO image to try to install it from scratch.

Paradoxically, Microsoft itself also unveiled a trick to be able to install Windows 11 on unsupported computers, although that is already something that you must decide to do at your own risk (backup your data if you want to try before). And if you have already achieved it, here you go some tricks to start squeezing the system.